Sex Toys For Men – 7 Interesting & Cool Finds

These sex toys for men can be MORE interesting than female sex toys.

Shower heads, the washing machine on spin cycle, cucumbers and more everyday household items- hardly anyone blinks an eye when women hump these things. But people’s attitude towards male sex toys seem to be a little negative. That ends now! Fuck it! Pun intended…

So fellas, if your reason for not getting any male sex toys has anything to do with societal “norms” and/or shame, get over it. It’s your dick, you aren’t committing crimes. Life is too short to be ashamed of what you do in total privacy…. I mean God is watching but who cares? There’s also plenty of benefits of sex toys. Have some fun with us and take care of your health by checking out the best male sex toys.

  1. Shane Diesel Penis Sleeve Anyone who knows who Shane Diesel is, would understand why this is interesting. Shane Diesel is a porn star with a monster penis. Turns out, you can have a monster penis too with this penis sleeve. This male sex toy is more for your partner’s pleasure. Buy this if your lady or man wants a change. This would be to role play as strangers hooking up.
sex toys for men
  1. Penis Extender With Ball Loop Or maybe you simply lack size. Who knew you can actually do something about it without going under the knife? Wait… did you know about penis enlargement surgery too? This penis sleeve adds over 2 inches to your member. Don’t be ashamed, bigger isn’t always better but sometimes to it’s fun to switch it up with a male sex toy that adds some inches.
  1. Deluxe Penis Milking Machine This milking machine is apparently the #1 on the market. It’s one of the best male sex toys. It’s so good that it’s over $800. A milking machine is exactly what it sounds like. A machine to milk your penis. Apparently, it’s so powerful that you have to plug it in the wall. You can delete your Tinder app now and use this instead.
  1. Milking Sucking Machine Don’t think your penis is worth $800? Try a handheld male sex toy. This one is a blow job milking device. It simulates a deep throater. This device comes with a feature where you can plug in your headphones and hear sexy moaning while trying to milk you. Pro tip: put a good lube inside.
  1. Rotating Vibrating Prostate Massager Speaking of milking, try to sit and spin on this one. Prostate milking is one of the most mind blowing sexual experiences a man can have. It is the act of releasing fluids from your prostate ducts. It also has many health benefits such as treating erectile dysfunction problems. Read our post about prostate orgasms.…. you just have to check it out.
  1. Penis Vibrator Or maybe you just like good ol fashion jerking your meat with your hand? What’s interesting is, you can add vibration to that grip. This device allows you to stimulate your shaft AND tip at once. Sounds pretty intense!
  1. Life sized torso dolls Sex dolls was always some of the top male sex toys. Get one with big boobs, small boobs, any size booty, maybe you want boobs and a penis. You have many choices at this place. I don’t know about you, but I would never have a lonely night with one of these.

Check out the links below to see many more sex toys for men. There are so many options. You can also check out our list of Cool and Weird Sex Toys for Women.

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