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Relationships Are Boring! 4 Important Things They Don’t Tell You

Relationships are BORING

There are a few things most sex blogs don’t talk about when it comes to making your boring relationship exciting. Sure, you can try new lingerie, watch porn and webcam hotties, introduce new toys or a new person… but those are candle flames. Hot and fiery… but small and can be easily blown out. But why have a candle fire when you can have the Kilauea Volcano (one of the most active volcanoes today)?

6 Wild Pieces of Erotic Art in History

Despite the ever changing taboos and social norms, sex and erotica was and always will be a powerful force in human nature. Sex and love united countries, created scandals and so much more throughout our lifetimes. These erotic art pieces from history prove our fascination with sex was always the same. 

Party of 3- The Threesome Guide Including How To Get One

Is your relationship in trouble? Then please disregard this blog entry. Threesomes ARE NOT for fixing your relationship problems. A threesome (adding another person-including a baby but I digress) only AMPLIFIES your relationship problems. Read something else.


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