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Party of 3- The Threesome Guide Including How To Get One

Is your relationship in trouble? Then please disregard this blog entry. Threesomes ARE NOT for fixing your relationship problems. A threesome (adding another person-including a baby but I digress) only AMPLIFIES your relationship problems. Read something else.

Is Gender Fluidity New Aged BS?

History is frequently lied about which is why I am so passionate about sexuality and art. Sexuality and art are forms of truthful human expression, in my opinion and you can find it anywhere in history. It is widely believed that gender fluidity is only a recent phenomenon. But sexuality and art from the past says otherwise. It goes way back.

Is Infidelity ALWAYS bad? 5 Infidelity Myths

We are not here to dismiss the devastating effects of infidelity and families breaking up because of it. Being open and honest is a great policy. So why is cheating so common and is infidelity ALWAYS devastating? First let’s break down some myths about cheating: Now that we went over… Continue Reading →


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