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  1. I (F22) am a Nurse who “accidentally” flashes and occasionally gives blowjobs to patients

I’m a registered nurse in my local hospital. My role involves total bedside care. Bed baths, dressing, and transferring patients from bed to wheelchair are expected.

I’m not the typical exhibitionist who enjoys going completely nude and exposing myself to the public. However, I do enjoy giving patients “accidental” peeks at my body while I pretend to be completely unaware of what I’m exposing to them. I’ll even allow some patients to “accidentally” grope me, depending on the situation. Practically every male doctor or nurse knows I’m on the pill so whenever they’re on their break, I would go to the washroom to let them dump their cum and go.

I’ve given around 50 blowjobs to patients this year alone and 8 of them got the chance to fuck me. In one occasion, there was a mountain biker who fractured both his knees, so I had to help him put on his socks. I sat down and put his left foot on my right thigh. Somehow that got him hard and I could see a massive bulge on his pants. I take off my scrubs and I ask if he likes it. He makes my day by saying that he wishes all the nurses looked like me, so I gave him the time of his life and I sucked him off and I went on top of him. I even cleaned him up with my tongue since he couldn’t do it himself.

I’ve only had this job for half a year and I’m already labelled as the slut here, which I am proud of. Probably only going to post this one time since I’m already risking my job lol. Here’s a pic that I took tho:) (slutty confessions reddit)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/SluttyConfessions/comments/m9xz07/i_f22_am_a_nurse_who_accidentally_flashes_and/

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2. Gave The Fat Guy A Blow-Job To Prove a Point.

Years ago I became friends with these group of guys that would work at a bar I went to. One of them was over-weight and sadly was the punching-bag of the group. Everyone treated him like shit for no reason. I always felt bad about it, but I held my tongue for years. Eventually one night, the other dudes get super drunk and start talking shit about the fat dude (Nick)

It went on and on to the point where I got so fed up with it that I took nick to the bathroom and gave him the best fucking blowjob I could. He was confused at first, but after a while, very happy. I blew him hard. Made out with him for a bit. I’d do it again if I could. When we got done, he started sobbing and told me that he had been rejected and turned down so many times. The two of us hugged and he cried right in my shoulders. I felt so bad for the poor guy. I told him he shouldn’t pay attention to what the pricks at his job say. Eventually I took him back to my apartment for some more fun. He wasn’t bad. I think that’s what motivated him to work out, because no so long after, he started working out and eating right. Dude has a full-blown six-pack right now. (slutty confessions reddit)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/SluttyConfessions/comments/jsh83u/gave_the_fat_guy_a_blowjob_to_prove_a_point/

3. I am a (formally) straight girl (22) who’s been eating my roommates pussy almost every afternoon since isolation started.

I was masturbating one day when she came in and saw me. I was in a rather embarrassing position with a massive dildo in my pussy with she saw me. A few days later she asked how I could take such a large dildo and then asked if she could see me sit on it. I agreed after she watched me get off for some reason I leaned over and kissed her. She kissed back, then it led me having my face buried between her legs. Now I am addicted to her pussy. And she loves to watch me use my big dildos. (reddit slutty confessions)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/SluttyConfessions/comments/g6aitg/i_am_a_formally_straight_girl_22_whos_been_eating/

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4. I (24F) am an intern doctor who gave a blowjob to terminally ill patient

This is my last year in med school and I’m doing my internship in oncology department for this month. The patient I mentioned is a 55 year old male who has a level 3 lung cancer. For almost a month, he only had his son to visit him and he was living in a distant city.

Although it’s a wrong thing to do, I developed a closer relation with him over time because I felt pity for his situation and loneliness. One day, I learned that he will be transferred to another hospital since his son wanted to visit him more frequently. I went to him to say goodbye.

There wasn’t anyone else near his room while I was entering his room. While we were talking, he first told me that he was afraid of dying and started crying. After that, he said that he fell in love with me and haven’t felt anything like that for a while. I didn’t know what to do for that moment and immediately left his room.

After that I instantly regretted what I did to him. I thought for a while and I wanted to make that night special for him since it could be his last time with a woman. So, I went to his room once more and asked him if he was feeling ok to come to bathroom. He didn’t understand what I was trying to do but he said he could.

I went to bathroom with him and locked the door, made him sit on the toilet and then went for his dick. I gave him a handjob first and his dick got hard easier than I expected. When he got hard, I started sucking it. After a short time, he cum in my mouth and I swallowed it all looking into his eyes.

Then, I took him back to his bed and he thanked me for everything. Next day, he left the hospital and I never saw him again. (slutty confessions reddit)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/SluttyConfessions/comments/ovo504/i_24f_am_an_intern_doctor_who_gave_a_blowjob_to/

reddit slutty confessions

5. I (f22) showed my friend how i suck dick by blowing her boyfriend

My friends know that I’m a slut and I have a reputation of being very good at it. One of my friends has been with her boyfriend for about a year and she said that the sex is really good but she doesn’t think she does a good job blowing him and was asking for advise. I was telling her things to do with his dick but said it would be easier to show her. I was going to say that I’ll get one of my dildos but she offered his dick before I said anything, that took me by surprise but she said she’s okay with it and thought it’d be hot. Just as long as it was just head.

So that night she told him and he came over and I showed her certain things I do and then she would try them on him. Then she told me after taking his dick out of her mouth that he had never cum from head, at least that is what he says. He said it was true, so I took that as a challenge and worked my magic. I made him cum in my mouth about 5 minutes later right in front of her. (slutty confessions reddit)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/SluttyConfessions/comments/t143hr/i_f22_showed_my_friend_how_i_suck_dick_by_blowing/

6. My hairdresser rubbed herself off on my hand

My wife has a hairdresser come to our house to do her hair and I often have mine cut too. We just set up a chair in the kitchen and I sit on it so she can go to work.

This hairdresser is short, tight body and small tits, while I’m 6’ 2” and as the chair we use is fixed, she has to reach up to cut the top of my head.

Like most hairdressers she likes to chat about nothing and I must admit I switch off with my arms folded under the cape, just saying yes or no, hopefully in the right places.

Tonight I was doing the same, arms folded with my hands on the outside of my arms, but covered by the cape. All of a sudden as she was stretching to reach the top of my head, I feel something touch my hand. I glance sideways and can see her pussy is level with my hand, obviously covered by jeans and I assume panties. This of course sparks my interest and I open my hand so my fingers make more contact with her body. Without stopping the cutting she not only pushes her body onto my hand but also stands on tip toes so my fingers are between her legs making complete contact with her pussy. Keeping up the pretence of cutting my hair, she starts to comb, but closes her eyes and starts to rub herself against my hand, getting faster and faster. I can feel the heat of her pussy on my fingers as she is literary rubbing one out on me. I say nothing and out the corner of my eye see she is biting her lip and looking as if she is really enjoying the contact.

Unfortunately my wife walked into the kitchen and my hairdresser quickly came down to earth and went back to snipping.

Nothing was mentioned, she didn’t even make eye contact with me, just finished my hair and then finished my wife and left. I’m looking forward to next month when she’s back!! (slutty confessions reddit)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/SluttyConfessions/comments/jo80iu/my_hairdresser_rubbed_herself_off_on_my_hand/

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