The Fascinating Search For The Purpose of Female Orgasm

Most of the time, the male orgasm and its function is pretty obvious. The male ejaculation’s function is to reproduce. So what’s the purpose of female orgasm?

When we think of the medieval times, we imagine the things we have learned about that era and it sounds pretty brutal. But there was a perk if you were a woman! The female orgasm was REQUIRED when procreating. They believed in order to produce a baby, the female orgasm was scientifically necessary. They figured a woman’s female reproductive organs were exactly like a man’s reproductive organs except inverted.

Sadly, it was also believed orgasms meant you enjoyed it. So if a baby was produced during rape, it wasn’t considered rape because the person “enjoyed it.’’ It’s false. Orgasm is the body’s natural reaction to stimulation. 

As most know today, it turns out that was false and the importance of the female orgasm was put on the back burner. They eventually felt there was no purpose of female orgasm. In fact, the victorians believed an aroused orgasmic woman was a medical condition called female hysteria. If it serves no purpose, it must be a problem, according to them. This introduced vibrators. They treated female hysteria by giving women orgasms.

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purpose of female orgasm

Check out ‘’The Manipulator machine from the 1800s.

Of course we realize that is not true either. People were so perplexed about the female orgasm and still today there are more questions than answers. It was only less than a century ago that Dr. Alfred Kinsey discovered that almost half of the female population had their first orgasm through masturbation. He also discovered a woman’s sex drive increases with age until around 55-60. So if it seems to have no purpose and it’s not considered a medical condition, WHY do women have it?

Researchers say that it may have had biological function many lifetimes ago. In other mammals such as rabbits and cats, the female orgasm signaled the female body to release its eggs into the ovaries. This means we are not smarter than we were in the medieval times because they were actually on to something. We just have more advanced technology.

As far as we know today, the clit’s sole purpose is pleasure. Which can be used as a psychological tool in reproduction. If they feel amazing, a woman would want more sex. The female orgasm may have lost its reproduction purpose but it’s still important if you want happy partners.

Researchers also suggest they exist simply because the penis exists. As embryos, men and women start with the same basic parts. If the clitoris stopped developing, so would the penis. It’s the same reason why men have nipples. They seem to serve no purpose other than pleasure but if that went away, so would female nipples- which do have a biological purpose.

The bottom line is, the female orgasm is here to stay. It has many mental health benefits so why not play doctor and contribute to you or your partners well being?

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