Dirty Talk // You’re Better At It Than You Think

Imagine you can charm the orgasm out of someone using your words? You are more capable of doing so more than you think.

If you freeze or feel awkward when you hear those words, it’s probably because you think dirty talking has to be the performance of a lifetime. You get the jitters as if you’re about to audition for a big movie role….. But you’re not. Dirty talk is not meant to be serious. This is a playful moment. 

Sex begins in the mind. In fact, the brain is the most powerful sex tool and your body parts are just there to translate. What makes sex intense are things like imagination, creativity, communication and perspective. And that’s where dirty talk comes in. Dirty talk is versatile. It can be foreplay, role-play, can be part of sex and can be used post sex.

General Tips

What To Say

    General Tips

    Dirty talk leads to better communication and deeper intimacy with your partner. This translates to better sex. This is your time to relax, be in the moment and have fun. Here are some key tips to help you in your moment.

    1. Ease into it. Sex is about exploration, go at your own pace. This is suppose to be comfortable for you as well.
    1. You don’t have to be vulgar. “You dirty fucking slut, swallow my cum and make sure you don’t miss a drop you dirty bitch!” I personally fucking love hearing that but not everyone is into that. A lot of people seem to think that dirty talk HAS TO BE vulgar or explicit. It can be as simple as “I love how you feel… you’re beautiful when you look up at me…”
    1. Be yourself. There is nothing sexier than someone comfortable in their skin. Sure, there are guidelines and examples of what to say during dirty talk but you don’t have to memorize anything, just stay in the same category. Not being yourself makes sex feel unnatural and forced. Be confident.
    1. If you still can’t come up with what to say, simply describe what you see or doing and how it makes you feel. “Your cock is so hard and it’s making my pussy wet.” Is a simple example.
    1. It’s HOW you say it. Even if you are the most creative dirty talker in the Universe, if your delivery is off, so is everyone’s libido. Say “I want to fuck your ass” loud and matter of factly. Now whisper the very same sentence. The whisper made it 100x sexier didn’t it?
    1. Anticipation. Tell your partner what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it. Spike their senses and make them excited about what’s about to happen.
    1. Be vocal about what turns you on. Simply expressing what you like can sound sexy as hell. 
    1. Ask your partner what turns them on and repeat it back to them and say “that’s hot.”

    You see? You really do not have to be some sort of magician to be good at dirty talk. Your partner is already there willing to have sex with you, the hard work is done.  

    You can even continue the sexual energy by bringing up memories. “Babe it was so hot when you moaned my name..” Dirty talk only gets easier. 

    dirty talk

    What To Say

    If you’re still stumped and can’t come up with anything to say, here are some examples of things people say during dirty talk:

    • I want to see how hard/wet you get
    • I need to feel you right now
    • I want to be in your mouth
    • I need to taste you
    • Play with yourself
    • Choke me
    • Fuck me harder
    • More
    • I want more
    • Yes, like that baby
    • Like this?
    • You like that?
    • Look at me while you’re sucking/licking
    • Don’t stop baby
    • You feel so hard in me
    • You’re so wet
    • You’re such a good girl/boy
    • You do that so well
    • Deeper
    • Faster
    • You are so fucking hot
    • Dirty slut
    • Good slut
    • You have the perfect pussy/cock
    • I love sucking/licking you
    • You taste so good

    You can even ask questions. “Do you want my mouth on you?…. Are you ready to come?… Where do you want it….?”

    Dirty talk is simple. Relax and be playful. The more you do it, the less intimidating it gets.

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