How to Give a Woman an Orgasm | 11 Ways To Create A Stalker

A LOT of people want to learn how to make a woman cum, even women themselves.

A lot of women are having a hard time achieving orgasm via heterosexual sex. That’s probably because it takes men half the time to orgasm than women. Lesbians are the group of people who have the most orgasms…. What would it be like if lesbians taught a class? I wonder what they would add to this post. Keep reading if you want to learn how to give a woman an orgasm.

Whether you are by yourself or with a partner, I have to get the #1 tip I have to achieve female orgasm. Don’t require it. I know it sounds counterproductive but the stress and pressure IS NOT how to make a woman cum. Be in the moment instead of focusing on the end game. The biggest key to orgasm is to relax. Good things CUM to those who wait.

Most women orgasm via G- spot or the clitorous. 

The G spot is something to know if you want to know how to make her orgasm.

What is a G spot? Where is the G spot?

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The G spot is an orgasmic area located in the front wall of the vagina. You can find it easier once she is aroused. For most, it is located about 4 inches inside the vagina. The skin feels a little tougher than the rest of the vagina. Once you find that, you found your ticket to orgasm via penetrative sex.

You can start with your fingers. Stroke your fingers as if you are saying “come here” to someone. Remember every vagina is different so you have to feel around and use different pressure. If she’s responding well, DO NOT go harder/faster…. in fact don’t change anything. Use your free hand and gently press on her belly right about her public hair line. This stimulates the G spot more and she will be losing it!

The top sexual position to hit that g-spot is doggy style. Make sure her back is arched in. That’s exactly how to make a woman orgasm. Squirting might happen.

The clit or clitorous is the wish boned shaped area right above the vaginal opening. The clit has THOUSANDS of nerve endings and it’s basically the cheat code to orgasm for many women. It is the most sensitive part of a woman. To find it, separate her outer labia from her inner labia. Basically, separate the outer lips that grow hair from the inner hairless lips. You will see the hood of the clit which is a piece of flesh that covers the clit. Gently retract it and you will see or feel something that looks or feels like a button.

how to give a woman an orgasm
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Now that we know where everything is, let’s make her scream with pleasure! Everyone is different but here’s how to give a woman an orgasm:

  1. Foreplay is all day. I don’t mean you have to be in the bedroom all day. Warm her up all day with compliments and flirting. Don’t lay it on thick. Tease her with things like “I can’t wait to see you in that sexy outfit tonight!” or “You look beautiful today.” Give her honest compliments and flirty lines throughout the day. It helps her relax a little instead of being self conscious.
  1. Foreplay in the bedroom. There is no reason to rush. Find out her erogenous zones and stimulate them for a while. This could be her neck, her nipples, her ear, her inner thigh or many other areas. Ask her and spend some time playing in that area.
  1. The clit. Our favorite orgasmic body part. Don’t make the mistake of rubbing on it too hard. Remember it’s a sensitive area. Putting a little pressure on it is fine. With your fingers or tongue, make it wet, move in tiny circles- cracking the code means watching her reactions. If she starts grinding, pay attention to how she’s grinding. Take note of how hard and which way. Use that information to do it yourself. Read our ORAL SEX CHEATSHEET.
  1. The neck. The neck has thin skin and the blood vessels are close to the surface. Some like choking (PLEASE ASK FIRST), kissing, blowing, gentle grabbing.
  1. No one really thinks of this. The booty cheeks. The cheeks are packed with nerve endings. Spank her (ask first), gently squeeze, palm it, touch it.
  1. Kissing. Kissing is very arousing for many people. It can be just as intimate as sex… the combination of kissing AND sex can be MINDBLOWING. Besides her mouth, you can kiss her jaw, her neck, her chest… anywhere you want.
  1. Talking dirty. Let her hear your voice. Say things that she fantasizes about. Words are like spells. Saying the right thing drives most people wild.
  1. I’m not sure if there is a term for this method. Penetrate her little by little. First tease by giving her a little then go deeper and deeper. Right after the g spot, there is an orgasmic area you should spend time in then give her the full thing!
  1. When in doubt, let her guide you. As mentioned, everyone is different. Let her tell you what she likes.
  1. Keep it wet with our favorite LUBES.
  1. Don’t hide from toys.

Lastly, after learning how to give a woman an orgasm, don’t forget to invite me to the wedding.

Try these tips TONIGHT. how to give a woman an orgasm how to give a woman an orgasm

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