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Imagine tears, dry friction and burns during sex. That’s what it’s like without proper lubrication. The best lubes for sex make anything sexual much better. It’s fun for masturbation AND with partners so whatever the status of your sex life is, lubrication will make things easier.

If you find yourself here on this list, you have to be just as TIRED as I am of lubes that get sticky, dry up too fast, smell awful, might be harmful and then some. Well, this list has proven solutions and include sex lube for sensitive skin.

There is a DIY recipe to make your very own lube below. We included the recipe because sometimes the best way to ensure you have clean ingredients is to make things yourself! Keep reading.

“Lube helps to prevent micro-tears on the delicate skin in and on the genitals, which leave us vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections. Lube also makes the friction between your vagina (or anus) and whatever is being inserted silky and comfortable, as well as aids in smooth and nongrating hand sex.”
― Elle Chase

Few tips:

Read the ingredients. look for harmful ingredients such as: Benzcaine, propylene glycol, petroleum oils, sugars (yes some lubes have sugar), glycerine, ureas, Nonoxynol 9 Polyquaternium-15, parabens and Chlorhexidine gluconate…  these ingredients can cause irritation and long term use for some of these ingredients could be harmful.

The best lubes for sex are condom safe. Most condoms already have lube on it so to be safe but a little extra will not hurt. I would not suggest anything oil based if you are using condoms. Oil causes condoms to tear.

If you’re raw dogging it or just going solo, natural oils such as coconut oil works amazing. Do not use with condoms.

Quick condom tip: Put the lube INSIDE the condom as well as outside the condom. Makes sex feel 100x better. For other ways to make condom sex better, check out Make Condom Sex Great Again.

Favorite Overall Lube

Favorite lubes brands that specialize in vaginal health

Favorite Anal Sex Lube

DIY Lube Recipe

Favorite Overall Lube:

UPDATE: We just discovered Coconu Lube and …. just wow. We only tried the water based one but they do offer an oil based and a hemp based lube. It’s a great lube for sensitive skin. The one we tried mimics natural body lubrication and it goes a really long way. I never felt anything so silky in my life. Might be #1 on this list!! Find out for yourself and check out Coconu here.

best lubes for sex

Wet Organics Can be used for any type of sexual activity. Doesn’t smell, doesn’t get sticky and is water based. Click HERE to purchase! Best price. We love it because it has a gel- like texture. The glide is mind blowing.

best lubes for sex

Favorite lubes brands that specialize in vaginal health: 

Good Clean Love Water based. Organic ingredients… Stays way longer than most water based lubes. Click Here to check them out. This is our favorite lube on the list. No irritated holes here! This is the best lube for sensitive skin.

best lubes for sex

best lubes for sex

Sliquid Also natural ingredients and mimics the wetness the body naturally produces. Get it HERE OR HERE … both stores are great.

best lubes for sex

Favorite Anal Sex Lube:

Intimate Earth Anal Silicone Lubricant has muscle relaxing properties from an extract from a chamomile plant but does not numb. Natural ingredients and extra slippery. Click HERE or HERE to see their whole collection.

best lubes for sex

The silicone based lubes are hypoallergenic and longer lasting but it’s not good for sex toys because silcone reacts to itself and could deteriorate the surface of silicone toys.

Water based lubes are easy on the skin and it washes off easy.

DIY Lube Recipe

You can make your own natural sex lube with this recipe. It’s quick to make, there’s only TWO super safe ingredients and it’s CONDOM FRIENDLY. 

You don’t need to be Gordon Ramsay for this one. This cooking direction is super easy.

You would need:

one cup of water

4 tablespoons of cornstarch 


container to store ingredients 


Mix the water and cornstarch in the pan

Turn the heat on low to medium

To prevent lumpy lube, you have to continuously stir the ingredients until it is boiling.

Let it cool off, pour into the container.

There are also products and ingredients that you may have laying around the house that you can use as a homemade lube. Oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin e oil and almond oil are safe to use on your sexual body parts.

However, oils are not condom friendly. For condom safe, use PURE aloe vera gel. 


Which sex lube do you prefer? Comment below or contact us via social media to tell us what to try next.

Check out the links below, especially Good Clean Love. Look around and choose the best lubes for sex.

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