The Appeal Of Married Dating Sites Like Ashley Madison

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If cheating is so bad, why are married dating sites so popular?

What is Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison Cost

Why is Ashely Madison so expensive?

Ashley Madison Alternatives

According to Ashley Madison’s wikipedia page, there are over 60 million active users on the site as of 2019. Despite its public backlash, there is a reason why dating sites for married people are so popular.

As I mentioned in my cheating post, most people marry due to societal and cultural reasons. Many people don’t even know how to be together effectively– like proper communication skills, no one is really taught to address their underlying childhood problems before getting into relationships and let’s not forget the lies and fairytales we have been sold regarding marriage.

I am most definitely NOT against marriage. There are beautiful unions I have witnessed myself. I just take issue with the way we are taught marriage should be. Our societal brainwashing is likely one of the reasons why cheating is so popular. It’s what happens when you are led to do what you think you’re supposed to do, according to society and NOT according to yourself… and many people follow the path that doesn’t belong to them.

But that’s not the only reason why married dating sites are popular.

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Humans find taboo-ness erotic. Our fear response and sexual arousal is related. Which explains why cheating is common despite the fact that it is so shunned by society. The adrenaline we feel in our bodies when we are afraid is the exact same adrenaline we feel when excited. The adrenaline is what draws people to married dating sites like Ashely Madison and adrenaline can be addicting.

Some people are looking to be another person. Dating sites for married people are not only for physical meetups. Some people need a discreet place to escape the reality and roles they are forced to play in their homes. The outlet can increase the quality of one’s overall life….. Many even report affairs HELP marriages which goes against the myths of cheating.

Another appeal to dating sites specifically for married people is discretion. It is unwise to look for randoms to cheat on your spouse with in cesspools like Tinder. Tinder and dating sites like it are for people who don’t have a lot to lose. When you turn to a website FOR married people, they’re looking for discretion as well and are in no position to out you.

Now…. let’s get to Ashely Madison and how to find a mistress or manstress (Is that a legit term for male mistress?)

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What is Ashley Madison?

“Life is short… have an affair.” That is the slogan. 

If you don’t know by now, Ashley Madison is a household name. The website made news back in 2015 when a hacker hacked the website and exposed people’s identities. While I believe it was troubling for some, it might’ve been a relief to others. The weight was off their shoulders. Affairs forces people to look at their home lives.

Though the website dramatically increased their security, the hack did not stop 60+ million members from engaging on the website. 

Launched in 2001, Ashely Madison is a well known website that is world class when it comes to looking for affair partners. Ashely Madison is actually the FIRST website specifically for affairs.

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Ashley Madison Cost

It’s free for women. Like I mentioned in NSA Fun dating sites, people value what they pay for which is why I believe in paying for dating sites. Because it is free for women, you may find some inactive users as a man. BUT if you’re a woman looking for a woman, you will get charged. This is not discrimination, it’s just a way to avoid loopholes. Trust me, I thought about it too.

The Ashley Madison cost for men is also free but with limits. Men cannot message until they buy credits.

Ashley Madison caters to people who value discretion even with their payment system. 

Unlike most dating sites who charge a monthly fee, Ashley Madison uses a credit system. It costs 5 credits to send a message.

The cost of credits start at $59 which gives you 100 credits. The more credits you buy, the cheaper it is per credit.

For example:

$59 gives you 100 credits which is 59 cents per credit

$169 gives you 500 credits which is 34 cents per credit

$289 gives you 1000 credits which is 29 cents per credit.

married dating sites

Why is Ashely Madison so expensive?

The Ashely Madison cost is pretty high compared to regular dating sites. But it’s cheaper than losing your assets in divorce proceedings, that’s for sure. Plus that is pretty cheap for anonymity. Unlike other dating sites, Ashley Madison doesn’t require you to give your identity in order to play on their site.

In fact, you can even use GIFT CARDS to pay for your credits. Gift cards protect your identity and it won’t show up on your credit/debit card statements. Ashley Madison accepts gift cards from many popular retailers like Starbucks, Best Buy and Walmart.

Ashley Madison also accepts prepaid cards, Pay Pal and even a written check in the mail.

Ashley Madison shows up as “AMDA” on your statements.

Another great thing about Ashely Madison is the male to female ratio is almost even. There has been claims in the media that there are many female bots. While that MIGHT be true, you have to keep in mind- people value what they pay for. So you may find a lot of inactive female users.

To prevent getting scammed by possible bots, keep in mind that women are spoiled with attention on dating apps so women do not have to message men first. So if a woman does message you first, consider that it might be a bot. Because like I said, women are normally overwhelmed on dating apps and are less likely to message you first.

Ashley Madison Alternatives

One of the best Ashley Madison alternatives is Adult Friend Finder. Or should I say the only one. There aren’t a lot of dating sites for married people that are discreet and safe because the concept is still young.

I am a huge fan of Adult Friend Finder. I would suggest this site to married people because Adult Friend Finder also values discretion. Adult Friend Finder is much cheaper than Ashely Madison and you can find my review of them in my NSA Fun post for Ashley Madison alternatives.

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