Looking For NSA Fun? / Adult Friend Finder & Alt.com Review

NSA fun & why we love adult dating sites.

Technically, all dating sites and apps are “adult” dating sites…. But you and I both know what kind of adult dating sites we are referring to.

*NSA (No Strings Attached)*

Most so-called traditional dating sites consist of fully clothed adults pretty much seeking confusion. It’s a mosh pit of some people seeking committed relationships, some looking for sex online, some willing to pretend they want commitment just to hook up and even vice versa…some looking for a third (or 4th or 5th…) and more… hell, some may not know AT ALL what they are looking for.

The beauty about the best adult dating sites is…. We all know what we came here for.

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Don’t get me wrong. You can find love in the strangest places. I found love at strip clubs and many places where I least expected it. The common denominator during all of these events is…. I was being myself. I find that to be a hidden gem about nsa dating sites. For some reason, when looking for a mate on traditional sites, people tend to put on this persona so they can be chosen. With adult dating sites, you’re there to release all inhibitions. You show up with your kinks and dirty mind- which is the closest to being your authentic self in modern times.

But calm down, I’m not saying these are the best romantic connections either. We tend to lose our logical selves in these environments. And you need at least a little logic when you’re choosing a life partner.

nsa fun

So here’s what you really came for.

Whether you are single or in a relationship looking to add another person, there are two adult dating sites that I favor and have personal experience with. Below, you will have my review on both Adult Friend Finder and Alt.com

A few notes about both:

– There are so many people who value their privacy on these sites so you don’t have to reveal your identity unless it’s for safety concerns.

-Don’t embarrass me on these internet streets. PRACTICE SAFE SEX.

– Both LGBTQ friendly

Confidential STD Testing

Adult Friend Finder


Why Pay For Adult Dating Sites?

nsa fun

Adult Friend Finder

So is Adult Friend Finder Legit?

Adult Friend Finder is the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) of casual hookups. AFF was Tindering before Tinder was Tinder.

Today, it remains at the top of mine and many others’ list for a reason.

I’m going to start with a feature that I never noticed when I was a member here myself. You can video chat members here. So even if you’re not looking to meet people in person and you’re still kinda paranoid about the whole Rona thing, you can have virtual hookups.

Adult Friend Finder was Tindering before Tinder existed.

Which means there are SO MANY MEMBERS to choose from even if you live in Lotsee, OK (the smallest town in the USA). There are so many horndogs on this site that you can find someone willing to meet up within hours. Not joking about that.

You can sign up for free. You need a free membership to browse the profiles so you can see for yourself if the site is worth your time. You don’t have to commit to anything here. But when you’re ready, these are your price options:

  1. If you’re willing to commit to one month, it’s $39.95. You can do this on a month to month basis.
  1. If you know you’re going to be here for a bit, there’s an option to commit to 3 months for $26.95 each month. 
  1. If you are a full blown, certified hedonistic sexy beast, there’s an option to commit to a full year for ONLY $19.95 per month.

It is worth every cent. To be honest, I didn’t last longer than a few months. It’s nearly impossible to not find what you’re looking for on Adult Friend Finder.

These prices unlock all forms of communication with the other members.

nsa fun


Alt.com is pretty much Adult Friend Finder but in leather. Both owned by the same dating network. 

Alt’s specialty is in BDSM. Although you can just as easily find someone with a peculiar taste on AFF, Alt.com weeds out all of the “vanillas” and leaves people who want to explore sex in a different way. We love BDSM here and will never stop saying it. 

There are a lot more men on this site than women. I’ve matched with more men in my area than women using the search engines and I am not picky AT ALL when it comes to women. But there’s some studs in there that swing all ways. 

You can get a lot with the free version. There’s chat rooms you can join, there’s a “Hot or Not” feature for free, send friend requests- there’s a lot you can do for free here.

But you won’t show up on the search engines of course.

There’s two paid memberships available on Alt.com. Silver and Gold.

The SIlver membership prices are:

  1. Only $19.95 per month if you’re looking to do month to month.
  1. It gets better! ONLY $11.99 per month if you commit to three months! 
  1. And just when you think it can’t get better than that, it’s ONLY $8.99 per month if you commit to the full year!

These prices unlock messaging, access videos, blog posts and magazine features. I personally never looked at the magazine as a member so I am not sure what’s in there. I was in there for some action though!

The Gold membership prices are:

  1. $29.95 if you want to do it month to month.
  2. $19.95 per month if you commit to three months.
  3. $12.50 per month if you commit to a full year.

I personally never had a Gold membership but apparently, the Gold membership gets everything the Silver membership does. The difference is, the Gold membership puts you on top of every search engine. That’s all I know about the Gold membership, I was never a Gold member.

Why Pay For Adult Dating Sites?

Tinder is free (ish?), Facebook is free, I think Plenty of Fish is free….. So why in the world would you pay money for an adult dating site?

People tend to value what they pay for. This means on dating sites, people who pay for the service are very intentional and more than likely won’t waste your time. 

Paying avoids dead profiles and non responsive people. You will have a MUCH BETTER response rate with paid memberships. It is rare to see people pay for dating membership and not be active on it.

Weeds out SOME scammers. Don’t get me wrong, some people are invested in their scamming business.


Adult dating sites go STRAIGHT. TO. THE. POINT. Even if you actually are looking for long term romance, people on adult dating sites are exposing their bare asses literally and figuratively which makes these types of connections way more intense.

Enjoy and please be safe.

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