Pure Taboo Porn Takes My Breath Away- Wtf WHY?!

My absolute favorite porn site is hands down, Pure Taboo. Not in my top 3 … not ONE OF my favorites- THE favorite. As in if I were to be stranded on an island and I were only to bring ONE porn subscription with me, it’d be Pure Taboo.

My obsession with this website prompted me to look into why people have taboo fantasies, to see if I’m mentally disturbed and if this is a problem I need to address. Turns out, there is nothing to worry about and you can read what I wrote here. The main reason why I know I’m OK is that I’m not in the business of hurting others. If YOU ARE, I suggest you get help.

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What is the Pure Taboo company?

Pure Taboo is exactly what it sounds like. It is a series of controversial porn that is very socially unacceptable such as sexual coercion, step sibling and step parent sex, corrupted authority sexually taking advantage of people, kidnapping sex slaves and so much more. All of this sounds so common and these themes can easily be found on tube sites but the Pure Taboo Company does it so DIFFERENT.

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What Makes It So Different?

Pure Taboo is created by a woman named Bree Mills. She is an adult film director, writer and producer. She is the head of a company called Gamma Films and her master brand is called Adult Time. She is a lesbian who is happily married to a woman named Sara Luvv. 

Bree being a woman definitely goes against the stereotype that women like soft porn with fairy tale story lines. Which brings into question are women less crucified when producing content like this? I have seen some backlash towards Pure Taboo- comments all over the internet but I wonder if a man was behind this, how much more problematic it would be.

To be brutally honest, when I found out a woman was behind this, as a woman myself, it was very comforting. Probably because I felt like an outcast as a woman who likes their porn taboo as hell. But I do also realize how unfair that is to creative men.

It is what it is right now. Let’s go back to Pure Taboo.

For someone who is strictly licky, Bree Mills sure knows how to brilliantly depict sexual fantasies of people with all sorts of sexual orientations. Probably because she was raised by a gay parent who came out when she was 8 and her home was accepting of all kinds. Both her mother and father are proud of her today.

There is a running joke that people watch porn for the acting- which is notoriously known for HORRIBLE acting. But not on Bree Mills watch. Her films are so touching on many levels because of the incredible and convincing acting. This is probably part of the reason why anything by Bree Mills sucks me in. You are genuinely not only turned on, but entertained and intrigued by the well written story lines that pull on your emotional strings.

THE ACTING IS SO DAMN GOOD! It’s seriously like watching an Oscar worthy movie. It is well worth checking out.

Pure Taboo porn is simply a mind, body and soul fuck. Your mind is fucked because you’re perplexed by what’s going on on the screen and how your body is reacting to it which makes you look into your soul and question yourself for watching some of the darkest content in porn.

A homeless girl needs a place to stay so she offers her virginity to a man in exchange, a young girl asks for a plan B from her step dad but she won’t get it until her step dad gets to cream pie her too, two MMA fighters who are opponents in the ring find out they’d make more money if they made gay porn with each other….. These are just a few examples of some of Pure Taboo’s storylines. They make me uncomfortable and aroused at the same time all while sucking me in with incredible acting and scenes that emotionally build you up before the sex part. 

The sex scenes are super hot and masturbate worthy….. but it’s still the least arousing part about Pure Taboo porn. It’s the total mind fuck that takes my breath away.

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