How To Attract Women Who Are Spoiled With Options- 23 Tricks

There’s plenty of fish in the sea! But only if you’re a woman on dating sites.

Here’s how to attract women who are spoiled by the attention they get on dating sites.

These are the best proven tips that I promise will work. You’re not going to need another guide after this.

These are tips for heterosexual men, btw. I made this post because heterosexual men are having crap luck and not knowing how to get women on dating apps. But I’m here for you and will show you how to get women to chase you.

It is super easy for women to get some action and attention everywhere they go. That’s just life. But life is like a group project. Everyone is assigned to a different task to create something beautiful. If everyone was assigned to the same task in a group project that requires group effort, the project would fall apart.

What I’m saying is the advantages and disadvantages of being a woman are completely different from the advantages and disadvantages of being a man. But our differences are what makes the world go round. 

  1. Things To Keep In Mind
  2. Profile Tips
  3. The Interaction

Things To Keep In Mind When Looking To Attract Women

One of the disadvantages for men are online dating sites. Women are spoiled with attention and choices when it comes to dating sites. Generally, there are more men than women on these sites. Which means the following:

  1. More flakes. The more options one has, the higher the chances of being a flake.
  2. Longer response wait times. She’s too busy texting 33 other men.
  3. You can’t take their online behavior personally. 

All of this concludes that you have to stand out. Put more effort into your profiles and into your communication skills. Women put A LOT of effort into theirs, especially the photos.

Here’s how to get women on dating apps.

Profile Tips– How To Attract Women With First Impression

Women READ. Short and dry bios is not how to get women. I noticed men do not put effort into their profiles and tend to take horrible selfies. Let’s go over some profile tips that will increase your matches and engagement.

  1. Photo tip #1. Ditch the LOW QUALITY PHOTOS. Pictures have to be clear. Men have a bad habit of putting up low quality photos and women have a bad habit of over editing their photos. Your photo has to be clear, recent, looks like you, no filter, no funny angles- none of that. Clear quality photos.
  1. Photo tip #2. Get a GOOD angle and smile. Don’t make it obvious that you’re trying to get a good angle. I know a girl who would literally face her head to one side away from the camera exposing her “good side” while her body and eyeballs are facing towards the camera. Looks weird af. But a little more subtle than that and put on a smile. This makes you look more attractive and safe to be with in dating profiles.
  1. Photo tip #3. Keep your chin out and open body language. Show your best features and make yourself look attractive as much as you can. Open body language shows confidence.
  1. Photo tip #4. Get some pictures of you doing your favorite hobby or social gathering. These types of photos show you have personality. 
  1. Photo tip #5. Show your body in a casual way. Maybe a pool day photo, gym photos, outdoor photos- let’s see that body in action.
how to attract women
  1. Don’t sound bitter in your profiles. I noticed a lot of men go on angry rants in their bios. Saying things like “No hookers!….. No one ever replies!…. Swipe left if you’re looking for a sugar daddy!….” or just go off on their negative dating experiences. It’s not how to get women. It’s totally OK to have boundaries, not ok to start off on a bitter foot. Women need to feel safe to let their guard down, this isn’t helping. Considering how much competition is out there for men, there is no room for negativity in your bios.
  1. Talk about yourself, yes but don’t make it 100% about you. Say something in your profile that makes her feel like she gets something out of interacting with you. Tell her that you can make her laugh, tell her you make the best tacos in the country- something casual, fun, cool- you get the idea. But DO NOT put women on a pedestal. Don’t say something like “I will treat you like no other woman exists.” That is too much, too soon.
  1. Say something that makes the reader want to ask you about. For example, say something like “I know where the best pizza place is…. I’m really good at teaching chess… I know a secret bar somewhere… I was told I’m an amazing kisser” Say something that makes you look like the gatekeeper of some secret and the only way to get the answer is through you. Mystery & curiosity is a perfect way how to get women to chase you.
  1. Have a sense of humor. Even if you’re not funny at all, include some light hearted humor like how you make up for your lack of attractiveness with your bottle cap collection or something ridiculous like that.

The bottom line here is to stand out. Make her pause in the middle of her swiping. Grab her attention right away by controlling the first thing she sees. Don’t be dry and boring. STAND OUT.

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The Interaction– How To Get Women Outside The Dating App

The attention grabbing profile is important but it’s not enough. The goal here is to get her outside of the dating app or website.

The truth is, women tend to use dating apps to stroke their ego. It can be entertaining and addicting to get so much attention that it doesn’t require much to get. So what I’m saying here is, sometimes a woman would entertain you a little bit then can be done with you after she had her fun.

Men AND women do this… so don’t get upset. I’m just saying women do it often on dating apps. It’s just modern society, nothing personal.

On the other hand, a woman may take a while before she decides to meet up with you because she needs to know you’re safe. You cannot blame women for being concerned about her safety. Do not rush a woman to meet up. It will make her uncomfortable.

To prevent wasting your time AND make her feel safe, here are some interaction tips on how to get women.

  1. Your first message is VERY IMPORTANT!!! No long winded messages. Make it sweet, short and to the point. For example “Hey I’m James, nice meeting you beautiful. Hope all is well.” This works for a few reasons: There’s no pressure for her to reply. Remember she’s overwhelmed. This makes her comfortable around you. It’s sweet. You called her beautiful. It’s straight to the point. 
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  1. Stay away from the one word messages like “Hey.” This should be obvious. It’s dry af and easy to ignore.
  1. Don’t put her on a pedestal. DEFINETELY not how to get women. It comes off as needy and desperate. It’s uncomfortable. Women like attention, yes but it’s off putting because it can put a lot of pressure on someone. Pressure is the opposite of comfort. 
  1. Be yourself. Do not try too hard. Tips are good for guidance. Guidance to be the best version of YOURSELF. Being something you’re not is not how to get women.
  1. Don’t say anything sexual or vulgar in the initial messages. We all know what we came here for but with women, the key is ease into it. Remember comfort and no pressure is the key to how to get women to chase you.
  1. But be upfront. You can be upfront in a gentle way. “Hey I’m here looking for some fun and you’re very attractive. I’d like to have that fun with YOU.” This works because it makes her feel very attractive and it’s honest. Honesty gives COMFORT! 
  1. Ask questions to get to know her. This keeps the engagement going. The point is to keep her engaged. Don’t ask mindless questions. Don’t ask the usual boring questions like “Ya from around here?” Ask her something unique like “What’s a random fun fact about you?” Ask questions that make her pause and actually think.
  1. Try to pay attention to small details. Women love this shit. Remembering small random facts about her shows her you’re invested, makes her feel special and it makes the majority of the competition look bad.
  1. Ask for advice. Make her feel important by asking her opinion on something. For example, if you both have a dog, tell her you’re looking to put your dog on a better diet and her opinion on dog food.
  1. Keep the interaction playful. Do some fun teasing. Playful teasing examples: “You like pineapple on pizza? We are getting divorced….. You have the sexiest freckles (or whatever she’s insecure about)….I can beat you in a thumb wrestling..” 
  1. Give her a silly but cute nickname. For example, if she’s “always busy” call her Super Woman, if she loves reading call her Bookworm, if she likes working out call her Ms. Olympia. Giving her a nickname like this surprises her, makes her feel special and makes you look special to her.
  1. Don’t be too available. Don’t give her too much attention. Make her want more of yours and make her more curious about you. End a conversation with “Hey, let’s chat later. I’m about to hang out with a friend.” Insinuate you have better things to do than being on her beck and call. Sounds counterproductive when there’s so much competition but the truth is, they are all thirsty for her attention. Making her thirsty for YOURS makes you stand out and how to get women to chase you.
  1. Put her in a good mood before asking her out. Women are emotional. Boosting her mood before asking for anything will make her more than likely say yes. For example, if she sends a pic wearing pink, say “Wow you look good in pink! Want to go out Friday night? I want to see you in that color.” Smooth af right?
  1. Be assertive. Say “Let’s go see that movie on the 8th, I hear it’s good!” Instead of “Hey are you free on the 8th? Want to see a movie?” Basically, don’t ask. Suggest. It shows leadership.

The bottom line, comfort and keeping her engaged is the key. It makes no sense to say and do things you think most guys are saying and doing because you won’t stand out. Staying authentic makes you stand out because there’s only one you.

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