How To Be An Escort The Right Way & Have A Thrilling Career

Imagine a life of traveling the world, having connections with educated and powerful people, being spoiled with gifts, financial freedom and a flexible schedule…

Being a good escort is more than what many think. It’s going to take more than you imagined to get to the level I speak of. If it were that easy, more people would do it.

Here’s how to be an escort the RIGHT WAY.

how to be an escort

What is an escort?

First of all, what is an escort? And what does an escort do? We need to make things clear before we talk about how to become an escort. It’s important for legal reasons.

An escort is someone who is hired for their time. An escort gets paid to attend dinner, events, travel, private entertainment and more.

Despite what many think, it’s not all about sex which makes it different from prostitution. Prostitution is when someone exchanges sex for money. It is easy (and illegal). It is up to the client and escort how to spend the paid time (which may be sex) but most clients want more than a hot body and attractive face. Attractive people are everywhere, exceptional company is not.

Escorting is an art that takes time to master and can enrich your life in many ways. You have to be disciplined, open minded, patient with yourself and goal oriented to be a professional escort. It should be taken seriously just like any other business and it’s NOT for the lazy.

Escorting is not for everyone, especially not for the ill prepared. The challenges of being an escort can drain you if you’re not aware and prepared- especially for the stigma that comes with it from the people who don’t really understand it. 

how to be an escort

Keep in mind you can learn how to be an escort at any time. A lot of people assume you have to be a young and hot little thing. That is the furthest from the truth. In fact, most very successful escorts are in their 30s/40s. They may not even look like it but they do exist. Older escorts are seasoned, well educated, have the ability to connect with clients better and have a lot to offer. You can start escorting at any time over the age of 21.

You have to stand in your own power in this business. That’s one of the best escorting tips I have to tell you. People pay for escorts because people add value. Despite the reputation escorts get, escorts have tremendous value. There were many times in history where escorts were sacred, respected and NEEDED for the high ranking people because they provided harmony. Do not let others determine your value.

Yes, money can be great and a good reason to pursue this profession but this industry is not for the desperate or for someone looking for fast money. This mindset may cause you to miss red flags, cross your own boundaries, burn you out and give less than quality companionship to the clients.

Become a goddess wearing sexy and erotic lingerie from EdenFantasys?utm source=eden

Here are some tips on how to become an escort:

You have to be mindful with everything you do when you become an escort! Here are some escorting tips.

1. Let’s start with the obvious. Your appearance. I don’t care what anyone says, beauty is power. Keep in mind beauty is also subjective but there are ways to make yourself the most attractive as possible. 

Invest in your skin care routine, eat healthy, go to the gym, don’t drink too much alcohol, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, dental care, hair care, invest in good makeup, learn how to apply it correctly and hygiene. All of this matters. I suggest experimenting, possibly seek a professional, and going as far as researching what hairstyle and color is best for your face. Little things such as the shape of eyebrows and what colors look best against your skin tone DRASTICALLY changes the way you look.

Don’t follow trends or try to copy someone else’s style. What works for others may not work for you. Enhance the beauty you already have. Everyone has it. See How To Be Attractive.

2. The second obvious is your wardrobe. Invest in timeless and classic pieces that are suitable for your body shape. Colors that look amazing on you. Find out the shade of your undertone and what looks best against it. 

Do not choose clothing that shows too much skin. A little skin is ok as long as there is a balance. For example, if you’re wearing a short skirt, don’t pair it with a crop top that shows a lot of cleavage. If you’re showing cleavage, wear something long on the bottom. You can be sexy without showing too much. 

Invest in high quality lingerie for photoshoots and private events.

Make sure you have quality classic heels. Stilettos and classic pumps are you best bet.

Dress for the type of clients you want to attract.

how to be an escort

3. Invest in your education. Learning how to become an escort includes your mind. A professional escort is educated. College is cool but that’s not your only option. Read books, take online courses, learn finance, history, world events, hell even learn about golf and other things well off men like to do…. Escorts provide beauty, entertainment AND brains. Also educate yourself on subjects that can enhance your career on the business side such as sales, marketing, conversational skills and financial literacy. Try one of Slixa’s training programs.

4. Invest in your well being. You don’t have to be perfect but be on top of your self care routines for this. The professional escort career can mentally exhaust you because clients are looking for more than just physical. 

Learning how to keep your heart and mind completely separate is part of learning how to be an escort. Blurring the lines can be emotionally taxing because clients may fall for you, become needy and will open up to you. You are a provider which means you are someone clients seek emotional intimacy with which can make emotions complicated.

Meditation, yoga, spa treatments, therapists– it is very important that you schedule some “me” time. Your self care is part of the job description. You cannot do this well without it. You cannot be attractive without balance within. Energy is EVERYTHING. Stay grounded.

how to be an escort

5. Keep in mind the client is important.A professional escort knows how to read people and adjust to their needs without crossing your own boundaries. Be dependable, trustworthy, ON TIME and be their fantasy. Keep in mind that you are providing an experience.

6. That being said, don’t cross your own boundaries. Keep your personal life completely separate and do not do anything you do not want to do. Practicing boundaries is KEY on how to be an escort.

Sure, this is about the client but this is about you too. You cannot provide exceptional service without YOU. Do not lose yourself in fear of missing out on money because it is damaging to your mental health. 

If a client is not for you, cutting them off makes room for someone better. The beauty about this industry is YOU DECIDE who you want to work with. A good match creates perfect harmony. Perfect harmony creates an incredible experience. This is why it is important to NOT compromise yourself in any way. Have boundaries and stick with them.

how to be an escort

7. STAY AWAY FROM SUBSTANCES! Moderation is key when it comes to alcohol but do not involve substances with your work. A professional escort stays away from substance abuse!

Not only does it eat away at your physical beauty and health, it is important to have a clear and sound mind in this business. This career choice comes with risks and different personalities. You have to be aware of your surroundings to protect yourself from any danger. Substances are the fastest way to destroy this exciting career and can lead you into doing things that are illegal.

8. Have a plan. Do not go into this without a solid plan. Some do this line of work for the rest of their lives and that’s ok but you need an exit plan or a plan b. Making the mistake of not having back up can put you in a compromising position and make you lose everything. Use the money to fund the next steps of your life like a business.

9. Be smart with your money. What is the point of pursuing this lucrative career if you have nothing to show for it? Learn financial literacy, put away for taxes, put away for savings and investments. A lot of people in the industry fall for the fast money trick, spend irresponsibly and think they can just make it up the next time. I would advise to be strict with your money for at least 6 months or so. Create a cushion were you can live comfortably for a few months without work before thinking about spending on anything else.

how to be an escort

10. Legality. Prostitution is illegal in most places. Be careful with discussing sexual acts for money in exchange. Do not say anything incriminating no matter how much a client pushes or offers financially. Escorts get paid for TIME, not sex. 

Take California for instance. Escorting is legal as long as you have a license. Prostitution and discussing sexual acts IS NOT.

Stay away from low quality message boards and stick to quality websites like Slixa.

11. Safety. Make sure you VET THE CLIENT thoroughly. Ask for their full name, look up their phone number and address. Google their information and invest in a background check service. Look up Escort Screening Advice and How To Protect Client. Make sure there is someone in your life who knows your whereabouts, trust your instincts, make sure phone is fully charged, have a back up plan or an escape always ready, don’t go with them if there’s more than one person, carry a personal alarm and pepper spray.

12. Do not ever sell yourself short. Your prices are your prices. Do not be afraid of charging between $500- $1000 per hour. In fact, high prices attracts high quality clients. Remember you invested money into your looks, gym membership, spa, education, photoshoot and more. There is only ONE YOU. You cannot be found anywhere else which makes you valuable and unique. Be super confident and sure you are worth it.

13. Start a social media account and be active on it. Many high end escorts are fond of twitter. Social media gives the client reassurance that you are real. You may even meet some clients on twitter. Post mysterious sexy selfies– doesn’t have to be pornographic and you don’t have to show your face. Interact with social media communities by following escorts already established on twitter or any social media. Find out who their followers are and who they follow so you can interact with them.

If you don’t know where to start, browse escorts in your area. Some of them have social media links and some have websites where you can find their social media links. In fact, when you create an ad on Slixa, there’s an option to include your social media.

14. Invest in a photoshoot. Slixa offers a directory of photographers in your area who specialize in escort photograph. Your best bet is to choose someone who has experience with escorts because they know what you want and clients want. Quality glamorous and sexy shoots can be pricey. Have a set wearing quality lingerie and a set wearing clothes suitable for a sexy night out. It’s up to you at the end of the day whether you want to blur your face or not.

After you arrange this, post an ad on Slixa. Slixa is one of the leading sites that allow providers to advertise their services. Slixa gets over 1 million visitors a month- that is a lot of exposure!


Choosing escorting as a career can be enriching in all areas of your life. You are obligated to do things like take care of your health, fitness and education. It’s pretty much a win- win situation! As long as you have boundaries.

Good luck and be safe!!!

how to be an escort

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