How To Be Sexually Attractive Even If You’re Not

You can’t learn how to be sexually attractive without CONFIDENCE.

Think about the people who are not physically attractive according to societal standards yet they still ATTRACT. The “ugly hot” type. They are some of the most magnetic people because their power comes from within. Energy is more powerful than surface level crap.

We all know that physical looks aren’t EVERYTHING…. So how do they do it? How can YOU learn how to be hot?

Psychologists have been studying attraction since the beginning of time. Attraction goes beyond physical appearance so no, we are not talking about the Brad Pitts and Halle Berrys of the world. There are ways on how to be attractive so you are not doomed if you don’t live up to current beauty standards.

Sure, you want to and must groom and put your best foot forward but if attraction was all about looks, only good looking people would have social and romantic success. So how to be more sexually attractive? Here are some psychological tips on how to be hot!

The very main tip for attraction: Kindness and emotional stability is super attractive. People need to feel safe in your energy field. Show people that you’re willing to connect and it’s safe to do so. Be kind (with healthy boundaries) and demonstrate availability. Say things like “I’m so glad I’m here to make new connections.” Being vocal about it keeps people from guessing.

Your thoughts about yourself and how you carry yourself is way more powerful than you physical appearance. Psychological tricks that you become a little more magnetic. Here are some more seduction tips or how to be hot without trying much.

how to be sexually attractive
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How to be attractive:

  1. Wear red. Many studies showed that people are attracted to the color red. Red signals dominance when men wear it. When women wear it, there’s a biological reason why they are more attractive in the color. It’s associated with human mating. Like redness of the cheeks, neck, chest. Red is how to be more sexually attractive almost instantly.
  1. Show off your left side. An experimental brain researcher did a study and found out most people prefer the left side of a person’s face. The left side of our brain is associated with logic and reasoning and the right side is associated with creativity. The left side of our brain controls the right side of the body and the right side controls the left. Which may explain why the left side of our faces are more attractive. The left side expresses more creatively.
  1. Brows. People with thicker natural looking brows look younger and more attractive. Please don’t pull out your sharpies, ladies They have to be NATURAL looking. Fellas keep em bushy.
  1. Wear sunglasses. Sunglasses make your face more symmetrical and leave a little mystery. One way how to be more sexually attractive is to make people CURIOUS about you.
  1. BODY LANGUAGE. That is in all caps because this is a HUGE part of attraction. Have an open posture. Don’t cross your arms. It makes you appear confident and welcoming. So does standing up tall (do not slouch), head straight forward or up a little, feet open, shoulders back and a relaxed face. SMILE.
  1. Clothes that fit you. Stay away from loose fitting or baggy clothes. It signals hiding.
  1. Mirroring technique. Don’t make it obvious and weird. Make it subtle. This technique is used in sales often. Subconsciously, they feel validated by you and show interest.
  1. Stop worrying. Stress is more powerful than you think. It is a silent killer and repellent. People may not be able to pinpoint exactly why they aren’t attracted to you but they can certainly feel it. Grin and be kind.
  1. BE YOURSELF. All caps because this is important. Embrace your uniqueness and flaws. When you embrace yourself, other people will embrace you. Trying to be something you’re not is a human repellent.
  1. Eye contact. People who aren’t afraid of human connection have eye contact. Eye contact improves understanding and communication. It also shows confidence. Don’t be weird and intensely stare in their eyes. Don’t overdo it.
  1. Say Hello as if you are singing. Don’t literally sing “hello” say it with love, excitement, warmness and presence. This instantly makes a person feel valued.
  1. My personal favorite. Take care of your mind, body and soul. People are attracted to health. Be the healthiest version of yourself even if you have a chronic disease. Your health determines your energy and inner glow.

13. Make people work for your attention a little. Let them know you’re available, show interest but chasing and putting people on a pedestal is actually a human repellent. It gives off needy and desperate vibes.

14. Subtle lip biting. This draws attention to your mouth. Which is a tool for sex.

15. Whisper in their ear real quick. Whispers gives people goosebumps. Make sure your breath doesn’t smell. This only works if they show a little interest back.

Keep practicing these tips on how to be attractive. These seduction tip help way more than attracting the right people. Watch your all areas of your life improve like an increase in your confidence. Confidence is the best way how to be hot and to be magnetic. I dare you to try these tips combined with out 3sum guide and see how that works for you.

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