Benefits of Sex Toys // They Have More Psychological Value Than You Think

This goes deeper than just sex.

A lot of people seem to be hesitant about dropping tons of cash on sex toys. The reason for that is not what you think. There’s a psychological reason why most people aren’t inclined to spend money on their self pleasure and there’s also benefits of sex toys.

Shame. Most people are conditioned to be embarrassed about self pleasure. Some of you might be aware of the movie American Pie. Remember that scene where Jim was caught boning a pie? He was hilariously shamed for it. But what’s wrong with exploring your own body with unconventional items?

Subconsciously, we don’t value our self pleasure due to social shame. For example, how weird is it to normalize men having multiple sex partners but shaming men for pleasuring THEMSELVES with sex toys? How weird is it to be dismissive towards the female orgasm

Did you parents give you the sex talk? A lot of people think that young people are too young to learn about their own bodies. A lot of adults are uncomfortable having this conversation with their child. 

Which is why sex toys have more value than you think. Sex toys help you unlearn the negative notions towards your very own self pleasure. Your pleasure is yours to value, your pleasure is worth it.


Here’s some mental health benefits of sex toys:

  1. It reduces self judgment/shame. Sex toys help you get over judging yourself. When you stop judging yourself in the bedroom during your alone time, it can help your self judgment in other areas of your life.
  1. Get to know yourself. Getting to know your body better and knowing what your body wants builds confidence/self esteem. You have a closer relationship with yourself which makes you more comfortable in your skin.
  1. Self pleasure is stress and anxiety relieving
  1. Can help with sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction is sometimes a mental thing. Reducing stress and getting to know your body better can remove your mental blocks.
  1. It makes sex with people better. Not only can adding sex toys with your partner(s) can spice things up, using sex toys in your solo time makes sex way better because you have a better connection with yourself, have a higher libido and more likely to orgasm.
sex toys

So now that we know what the benefits of sex toys are, it may seem to make more sense to splurge a little in your sexual pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with having a budget for sex toys but there are some reasons why some pricey toys are worth their price. Here are a few reasons:

  1. It’s actually cheaper in the long run. Not only do they last longer, you may notice that some toys come with a warranty. This way, you can easily get it replaced without paying full price for a new one.
  1. Safer materials. Another way quality sex toys may be cheaper in the long run, is that is saves you a trip to the drug store. Unsafe sex toy materials may cause infection in your private area. I suggest using glass toys if you’re sensitive that way.
  1. ANOTHER reason why pricey sex toys saves you money in the long run is that you don’t need to continuously purchase batteries. Plenty of quality toys these days are rechargeable by plugging it in.
  1. Wider range of sensations. Do you have hands that turn hot and cold instantly? I didn’t think so. Things like temperature play, vibrations, better designs and different shapes are advantages are pricey sex toys.
  1. Because it’s not shameful to splurge on your sexual needs. You are worth the pleasure.

There’s definitely benefits of sex toys. Sexual well being is very important or else we wouldn’t be here. It is no secret that sexual urges and how you take care of it impacts other areas of your life. Care about yourself more.

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  1. Absolutely mind blown! I haven’t checked by the psychological aspect of sensuality, it does not get the recognition deserves. Well said.

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