Rough Sex // Do You Need A Therapist?

Does the thought of pain excite you?

You’d be surprised how common it is to crave rough sex. In fact, study shows that women are 63% more likely to view rough sex porn than men. But in both men and women, studies show that orgasms are way more frequent and intense during rough sex. So why are there so many provocative sluts?

The definition of rough sex varies from person to person. Some people see spanking as rough sex while some people see spanking as part of vanilla sex. Generally, rough sex is when sex inflicts pain and/or is aggressive… which is strikingly similar to BDSM. Aggressive sex can also be just verbally aggressive. For example, calling someone your “dirty little whore.” It does not have to inflict any physical pain.

Research shows that the sensation of pain and the sensation of pleasure activates the very same part of the brain- the ventral pallidum. However, two different neurotransmitters balance pain and pleasure. GABA is released to slow brain activity when seeking pleasure/reward and glutamate is used to excite the brain so you can avoid pain.

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Our pain tolerance increases when we are doing things pleasurable such as having sex. Having sex already releases brain chemicals/hormones called endorphins. Our body releases these chemicals and acts as a natural painkiller. Painkillers can give you a high. The rush of endorphins from being in pain and having sex gives you a rush like no other.

The taboo of rough sex is also part of the appeal. It triggers psychological arousal. Humans crave being scared, that’s why we have things such as roller coasters and scary movies. It’s psychologically arousing. 

The best thing about rough sex and BDSM is the tremendous amount of trust it requires. That connection makes sex even hotter than it already is. Being in pain makes you vulnerable. Which is also psychologically arousing. Be very careful about who you give this power to. The deep trust is so powerful and makes the sex intense.

Keep in mind that ROUGH SEX is sex between CONSENTING adults. Rape is not rough sex. Do not get that twisted. Make sure your partners are OK with it.

So basically, there are biological reasons why some of us love it rough. So next time someone looks at you funny for liking it rough, tell them IT’S SCIENCE! 

Check out our BDSM art collection to see the art of people taking pain.

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