Glass Sex Toys- 6 Reasons Why They Are Freaking AMAZING

Glass sex toys aren’t as scary they sound.

In fact, they’re freakin delightful.

Don’t be alarmed. You’re probably thinking glass dildos are pretty dangerous and cringe at the idea of it going near your sweet spots. In fact, they are the most incredible kind out there because of it’s durability and safety.

Glass is a material used for all kinds of things that we use in our daily lives. Glass is usually fragile, can be dangerous…. But sex toys made of glass is not as scary as some may think. Glass dildos are actually very durable and super safe. Most of them are made out of borosilicate glass which is very resilient. They also last for a really long time.

Glass has been used for sex toys for a pretty long time now. Between the 1600s and 1700s, it has been suggested that Italian nuns would use sex toys made of glass. Like I’ve been saying throughout this blog, our sexual urges ALWAYS been the center of attention.

I have many sex toys (shocker) but I personally had the most pleasure from the glass ones. Why? Here are the reasons why you need one below:

glass sex toys
glass sex toys
  1. Very, very, VERY hypoallergenic! This is the top benefit of glass. It’s nonporous and made of natural materials so bacteria does not settle in. They are very body safe and very easy to clean compared to other sex toys. So in other words, glass is very vagina friendly. Or all holes friendly.
  1. They are SMOOTH. Oh my gosh sinfully smooth. They enter/exit pretty easy and that gliding sensation from a material is so damn pleasurable. You can customize the way you like to glide in and out with any lube you like.
  1. Don’t let the smoothness fool you. Glass dildos come in many different shapes and it can be designed with little bumps, nubs and ridges. Some are shaped like a curve to perfectly to touch your g-spot. Some are wide, some are thin.
  1. Temperature play. Ever play with ice cubes? Hot wax play? A glass toy can be heated and can be cooled. You can adjust how it feels on your skin or inside of you. My personal favorite is making it cold then warming it up inside me.
  1. You can use any lube you like. Any lube- weather is natural oils like coconut oil or one of our favorite LUBES– all are very compatible with glass dildos. Glass toys do not absorb lube so you don’t even have to use much. Also, glass toys are amazing if you’re experiencing dryness down there. 
  1. The hardness. The smooth glass that you can warm up or cool down has a hardness where you can put as little or as much pressure as you want. The weight of the toy has it’s own sensation.

I won’t lie, this is tone of the most exciting post I’ve written so far. I am beyond crazy about these glass delights. This is a must have for your adult toy box.

My favorite way to a glass dildo is anally.

Go buy one of your own glass dildos from a link below and please come back and tell us your thoughts.

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