5 Vintage Sexually Explicit Songs That Will Shock You


These sexually explicit songs are some of the dirtiest song we’ve ever heard!

These songs make songs like WAP (aka Wet Ass Pussy) sound like a lullaby. You will realize that no generation was any better than the other when it comes to sexuality and sexual expression.

We are conditioned to think the better and pure times were a thing of the past. Generation after generation, you hear our old folks say something along the lines of “WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THESE KIDS LISTENING TO?” Well Granny, what were YOU listening to? I’m not sure why society has the habit of pointing fingers like this. We are one in the same. The only huge difference is that music or media in general is way more accessible than it was back then.

You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff our elders were up to.

Here’s the thing though, there’s nothing wrong with sexual expression! We are not here to shame our grannies. In fact, it sounds like they were a blast.

Let’s just say Lucille Bogan ran so Cardi B can walk.

sexually explicit songs

Check out the filthy lyrics of these sexually explicit songs:

  1. Shave ‘Em Dry-  Lucille Bogan 1935:

I got nipples on my titties, big as the end of my thumb

I got somethin’ between my legs’ll make a dead man come

Oh daddy, baby won’t you shave ‘em dry?

Now, draw it out!

Want you to grind me baby, grind me until I cry

About the singer– Lucille Bogan is also known as Bessie Jackson. She was born April 1 1897 in Mississippi. She was a hardcore blues singer during the pre war era (20s &30s). She was one of the most popular dirty blues singer due to her raunchy lyrics. Most of her songs were about drinking and sex. My kind of women.

Lucielle was married twice. First to a man named Nazereth Bogan then a man 22 years younger than her named James Spencer. She was a wild cougar.

“Shave ’em dry” was a term for aggressive casual sex. Lucille recorded this in NYC and was not meant to be released. This song was suppose to be private for people close to her.

She was only 51 when she died in 1948.

  1. Blind Boy Fuller- Sweet Honey Hole 1937:

Said I want my honey every morning, late at night.

If I don’t get my honey,

Don’t believe I’m treated right

Sweet honey hole, sweet honey hole

Said, it even take my honey, satisfy my soul

About the singer– Blind Boy Fuller was a blues guitarist and singer in the early 1930s and mid 1940s.

His real name was Fulton Allen and was born in 1903 in North Carolina. He traveled and performed in the Piedmont area of North Carolina. He was married and living in Winston Salem.

Fulton started to perform when he started to lose his eye sight. Hence the stage name “Blind Boy Fuller.” That was one of the few things poor black men with a disability could do at the moment. The man actually had no idea his career would take off.

When recording “Night Rambling Woman” it was obvious to those around him that his health was getting worse. So Fulton went home and died in February 1941 at the young age of 38.

  1. Blue Lu Barker- Don’t You Feel My Leg 1938:

Don’t you feel my leg

Don’t you feel my leg

Cause if you feel my leg,

You’re gonna feel my thigh

And if you feel my thigh,

You’re gonna go up high

About the singer– Blue Lu Barker was a jazz and blues singer born on November 19, 1913 in Louisiana. She was a local celebrity in New Orleans. Billie Holiday was a huge fan of hers!

She performed with her husband Danny Barker most times. They even wrote this dirty song together in 1938. I bet they had a good sex life.

Blue lived a long fun life. She died at 84 in in 1998. Her funeral was a huge local event.

  1. Dinah Washington- Big Long Slidin Thing 1954:

I even ask a man

That played steel guitar.

He said that you don’t need him

To be moved eight to the bar!

He brought his amplifier

And he hitched it in my plug

He planked it and he plunked it

But it just wasn’t good enough

Cause I need my daddy with that long slidin thing

About the singer– Dinah is our cover girl. She was a very popular jazz singer in the 1950s. She was born in Alabama on August 29 1924.

Funny thing is, our dirty cover girl started as a gospel singer.

Dinah was a good friend of Aretha Franklin’s father. She also knew Quincy Jones- a man that seems to know every damn body I read about in the music industry. He said Dinah’s voice “could take the melody in her hand, hold it like an egg, crack it open, fry it, let it sizzle, reconstruct it, put the egg back in the box and back in the refrigerator and you would’ve still understood every single syllable.”

Dinah was troubled though. She was married seven times, was a shopping addict and poor baby died when she was 39 in 1963.

  1. Barbara Carr- Bone Me Like You Own Me 1998:

You’ve got to put something on me

That’ll make my toes spread

And make my whole body shake and quiver

And the eyes roll all up in the back of my head

If you think you’re mad enough

You can get all this good good stuff

About the singer– Barbara Carr is still with us today at the age of 82. She was born January 9 1941 in Missouri. She got her start in church as a gospel singer. She was married to a man named Charles Carr.

She formed a group named Comets which did cover songs mostly in local venues while she worked a day job. She got her big break in 1996 with Ecko Records who she recorded this song with in 1998.


These are just SOME EXAMPLES of the raunchiest ancient songs like the song by Lucille Bogan. The dirtiest decade in music might’ve been the 30s but you will find many dirty writings, poems, songs from anytime in history. Look around this blog. You will learn that humans were never “saints.”

Perhaps vintage sexually explicit songs would’ve been way dirtier long before we were able to record music.

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Sexually Explicit Songs


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