Shower Sex is THE WORSE // Here Are 6 Reasons Why

What is so great about shower sex? Those steamy movies scenes lied to you.

Just like how movies make NYC streets look clean, movies also make shower sex look hot, steamy and passionate. There is nothing passionate and sexy about trying not to slip and hit your head on a hard surface. Most couples can’t even simply shower together because both want to be under the stream. The don’t even agree with water temperatures. Here are some of our reasons why we think shower sex is simply the worse:

  1. Slippery as heck! We love things slippery during sex. But not in this way. With the water running, slippery soap everywhere and possible body fluids, it is very dangerous. While some may have a kink for almost dying, you will more than likely slip trying to get in uncomfortable standing positions on these slippery surfaces.
  1. Speaking of uncomfortable positions– WHAT positions? What possible positions can you enjoy in the shower? Doggy? Where one is in the freezing cold and the other one being waterboarded? Standing? Missionary? There are no comfortable positions during shower sex.
  1. SOMEONE is getting waterboarded. Waterboarded is SOMEONE’S kink… but not everyones. Can’t breathe, can’t see- uncomfortable.
  1. Height differences. It will be SO DIFFICULT trying aling your genitals with theirs.
  1. Water seems to make things DRY! Water rinses off the good lubes like body fluids. It could even break condoms.
  1. Soap isn’t that sexy. It might get into places that you don’t want it to be and where it doesn’t belong. Like inside the vagina and your eyes.

Besides King Edwards the VII’s sex chair, we think the shower is a weird place to have sex. If you are a fan of shower sex, PLEASE comment below the reason(s) why.

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