8 Couch Sex Positions To Try & A Couch Made For Sex

This is why couch sex is incredible satisfying.

The bed is probably the top five favorite places to be. Sometimes it’s hard to get out of it because it’s cozy, it’s a safe space, it’s great for sex….. But so is the couch. In fact, couch sex can be even BETTER. Couch sex positions are better, you can hold yourself up better and it’s just some place that’s out of the traditional ol’ bed.

I will tell you where to find a sex couch at the best price on the internet…. But let me tell you why your living room furniture is the closest thing to sex furniture. 


There’s something alluring about having sex in places other than the bed. That’s one of the many reasons why couch sex his hot. It feels like a spontaneous moment where you can’t control yourself and you give in into your desires.

The reason why couch sex is basically sex furniture is because of how comfortable the couch makes the sex positions.

The couch is my favorite sex tool (Besides you).

And if you’re an old hag the couch is perfect if you have joint problems and pain. Couch sex positions are better for your body and health. There’s way less chances of injury on the couch than on the bed and you are able to have sex much longer because of how comfortable it is.

Couch Sex Positions

  1. Oral sex. Sick of feeling like a sniper? Then get on your knees. The receiver gets to sit in an upright position, legs bent and open in front of them so it makes the goods easier to access with your mouth while on your knees. 
  1. Being on top. Let’s be real, most people who don’t like being on top, don’t like it because of the amount of physical strain it takes. On a couch, you have places to grab on and bounce easier. It holds your weight up and takes way more pressure off the knees. Hold the back of the couch or the arms. Think cowgirl position.
  1. The Loveseat position. Similar to riding except the one on the bottom is sitting upright with back leaning on the back of the couch. You can get some hugs out of this one. Also called the lap dance position.
  1. Bending over the armrest. Forget propping with pillows, bend your partner over the armrest. This way the goods are propped up and ready for penetration. Easy access!
  1. Spooning position. Spoon your partner facing the back of the couch. This way you are able to grab the back of the couch or armrest for better rhythm. The one being the little spoon can also use the back of the couch to push back onto the goods.
  1. Seated squat. The position is when one person is sitting up right and the other one is basically giving a lap dance with penetration. In this position, the partner on top has their back facing the penetrating partner.
  1. Doggy. There are a few ways to do doggy style on the couch. When leaning on the armrest, when facing the back and the one penetrating is standing and the same one you can do on the bed except you have the back of the couch to grab on.

8. Couch surfer. This couch sex position is my favorite. One partner lays on their stomach while the other is penetrating from behind.

So we went over the benefits of having sex on the couch rather than the bed…. but with a sex couch, the benefits are way more palpable.

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Where To Get A Sex Couch

Sex furniture is designed to give your neck a break, deeper penetration, amazing for all sized people, allows your body to align perfectly with your parters. It’s so much kinder to your body and allows you to have some of the best sexual experiences in your life.

Quality sex furniture can cost up to thousands. Sure, you can find cheaper but they won’t last. At least if you’re doing sex correctly. I even ran into some inflatable sex furniture. What a joke!

Even though you can use your living room furniture, I have something you’d LOVE. A couch EXCLUSIVELY for sex!

Hustler Hollywood has the best price for one of the well known companies for sex furniture, Liberator. Liberator is a brand exclusively for quality affordable sex furniture.

Buying your Liberator sex couch from Hustler Hollywood is even cheaper than getting directly from the company.

Optimized couch

The Liberator Esse Sex Couch comes with two pillows that can be used for adjusting and positioning on any furniture in your house. But the curves on this baby allows endless possibilities for positions- you can even make your own positions up. Be the pioneer of something wild and unique.

This sexy beast of a furniture is made of material that is soft on your skin and is lined with moisture resistant material for messes. Speaking of material, you can remove the cover and to wash your sex mess away.

Underneath is a very supportive and cozy cushion. Hell, I might sleep on mine one day.

It is 64 inches long, 24 inches high and 24 inches wide. It accommodates anyone under 7 feet and under 800 pounds. So almost everyone lol.

Buy your Liberator Sex Couch

And that’s why the couch is the better furniture for sex than the bed. The best sex positions are couch sex positions. Now can we admit the worse place to have sex in the house is THE SHOWER?

Where in your home is your favorite place to have sex? Try them all out and come back here to report.

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