5 Crazy Historical Sex Scandals They Never Told You About

I don’t remember any of these shocking historical sex scandals in class!

“This generation is doomed… we are losing our morals… this generation has no class” ….. Ever since sexual intercourse was invented, sex scandals have been very human. It’s very interesting to see the length humans would go to satisfy their carnal urges.

In fact, many of our elders would put us to shame when it comes to the immorality contest because EVERY time period had sex scandals and but only few of us were able to document it. We have some of the craziest sex scandals in history.

Every time you hear someone talk about morality going out the window, remind them of these following historical sex scandals.

  1. Xia Ji 599 BC
  2. Decius Mundus 200s BC
  3. Canduales 700s BC
  4. Lu Buwei 200s BC
  5. Elagabalus 218-222
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Xia Ji 599 BC

Xia was a married Chinese noblewoman who LOVED men. Her father was overlord of Zheng state. She was having an affair with Duke Ling of Chen and TWO of his ministers. All three men talked openly about their affairs with her and loved to wear her underwear under their clothes. So everyone knew.

This made Xia’s son, Xia Zengshu, very angry. One night at a drunken party, Duke Ling of Chen jokingly said Xia’s son looks like one of his ministers. Xia Zengshu got so angry that he murdered the Lord. The ministers escaped and fled to Chen’s rival state, Chu. King Zhuang took this opportunity to invade the state of Chen. Xia Zengshu was later executed for his actions.

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Decius Mundus 200s BC

Decius was a Roman knight who lived during the reign of Tiberius Caesar. He was obsessed with a married woman named Paulina. She refused the man repeatedly but the obsessed knight was not going to give up.

Decius knew Paulina was a devoted follower of Egyptian Gods so he bribed two priests of Isis to tell her the god Anubis wished to see her. Paulina agreed and met the “god” that night. Decius was disguised as the dog headed Anubis. In the darkness Paulina believed he was the real god and submitted to his request to service him sexually all night.

Later on, Decius confessed to Paulina it was really him and she was HORRIFIED. She complained to the Emperor who then executed the priests, burned down The Temple of Isis and Decius was only exiled. 

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Canduales 700s BC

Canduales was a Lydian King who had a kink for other men looking at his wife nude- unbeknownst to her.

The King asked his bodyguard, Gyges, to hide in her chamber to watch her undress. He declined at first but was eventually persuaded. Canduales’ wife, Nyssia caught him creeping! Furious, she gave Gyges two choices- murder her husband and marry her or report him for spying which is a crime punished by execution.

He chose to marry her…. After killing her husband.

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Lu Buwei 200s BC

Lu Buwei was a minister who was having a long term affair with Queen Zhao, who is the mother of the first Emperor of all China- Quin Shi Huang.

It was getting more and more difficult for Lu Buwei to sneak into the royal chambers for some quickies. The Queen was unhappy and sexually unsatified. Lu Buwei was afraid of disappointing the Queen and being exposed so he tracked down a man known for having a huge penis- Lao Ai. Only the castrated were allowed to enter the royal chambers to avoid sexual activity so Lu Buwei disguised the man as a castrated eunuch so the man can go in and satisfy the Queen.

Lao Ai sexually satisfied the Queen on a regular basis until he was caught. He was then executed!

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Elagabalus 218-222

Elagabalus’ whole life was a scandal!

He was only a teenager when he became Emperor of Rome. He married multiple women (possibly one man) and still had many lovers outside of his marriages with both men and women.

He wore makeup and wigs so he can role play with his lovers as a prostitute. We talked about this in “Is Gender Fluidity New Aged BS? “Elagabus was plagued by MANY sex scandals and the public was no happy about it. He was executed along with his mother for his reckless behavior and was replaced by his cousin, Severus Alexandra.

historical sex scandals

Granny was probably not as wholesome as you want to believe back in her day. You actually don’t know what they were doing before their bingo and cookie baking days.

Image if these people had social media back then! These sex scandals in history would be exposed immediately. They do have some vintage erotica though to prove what’s been on their minds.

Know any historical sex scandals?

Are you shocked by these sex scandals in history?

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