Gender Fluid? Are They Making Crap Up? Let’s Find Out

It seems as if terms like gender fluid is some new aged BS for confused people.

Seems like people just want to slap labels on themselves so they can feel like they belong somewhere.

Or maybe people are just making stuff up for attention.

Actually neither of these things are true. Gender fluidity was always a thing. We have gender fluid history.

History is frequently lied about which is why I am so passionate about sexuality and art. Sexuality and art are forms of truthful human expression, in my opinion and you can find it anywhere in history. It is widely believed that gender fluidity is only a recent phenomenon. But sexuality and art from the past says otherwise.

So what’s it like being gender fluid or trans back in the day? Do you imagine it being rejected by society?

So what is Gender Fluid? Gender fluid is when a person does not identify themselves as having a fixed gender. Sometimes they will feel more male than female, vice versa or both. Sounds sexy.

Transgender is an umbrella term which a person does not identify as the sex they were assigned at birth. Learn the difference with Justin Lehmiller.

So there’s a difference between a trans person and a gender fluid person. Here, we will talk about both.

Being transgender or gender fluid is completely separated from sexual orientation. Who they are attracted to is different for each individual. Some male to female trans are attracted to men(trans or not), some are attracted to women(trans or not), some are attracted to both/all. Same fact applies to female to male people and gender fluid people.

Here are some societies that practiced gender fluidity:

  1. Gala priests might be the oldest recorded trans in history. Around 5000 to 3000 BC, these Sumerian priests were born male but spoke a dialect that was reserved for women only. They were devoted beings to the goddess Inanna, who was a very popular goddess at that time. They sang beautiful songs, healed the sick, predicted the future and raised money for the less fortunate. Now that’s some beautiful gender fluid history.
  1. Galli priests are similar. Approximately  200 to 300 BC, these priests were devoted to Phrygian goddess Cybele (Magna Mater in Rome) . They were men who wore women’s clothing and identified themselves as women.
  1. In South Asia, Hijra are people that have been around for thousands of years and have no gender. They possess qualities of both male and female. Hijra people live in communities that go by the guru-chela system. This system where a guru has disciples called chelas. The guru teaches or leads their chelas, is responsible for the lifestyle and earnings of the chelas. They choose only respected and genuine people as gurus.
  1. In the 18th and 19th century, Koekchuch were males identifying as women in Siberia. 
  1. Indigenous North Americans used the term “two spirit” to describe people who don’t identify as either male or female.
gender fluidity

Here are a few remarkable trans and gender fluid people in history:

  1. Elagabalus. We already mentioned him in Shocking Sex Scandals and how he would crossdress and pretend to be a prostitute for his lovers. Elagabalus was an Emperor of Rome 218- 222 who was known for scandalous sexual behavior.
  1. Eleanor Rykener. Born John Rykener, Eleanor was a 14th century sex worker who was arrested after having sex with a man named John Britby. No one is sure why she was arrested but her arrest record surfaced in the 1990s and historians were shocked to find traces of trans people dating this far back.
  1. Thomasine or Thomas Hall. Hall was an intersexed person who regularly switched back and forth from male to female. They were raised as female but entered the military as male. It is unclear why Hall was arrested but they were subjected to physical inspection by authorities at some point. They could not figure out if Hall was male or female due to their both male and female physical traits.

So basically, there’s some gender fluid history…. Transgender people and gender fluid people are not anything new.

It is beautiful to see people live authentically even when it’s frowned upon. We support you as a human being regardless.

Disclaimer: 100% against children taking hormone blockers or making any irreversible decisions to their bodies until they’re 18.

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