Honey Trap Operation // REAL International Spies Who Seduced Their Targets To Extract Government Secrets!

How would you feel if you found our your own spouse was spying on you the entire time?

If you like honey, you better think twice. Honey trappers are people who use their sexual power to get people to act in sexually immoral or illegal behavior in order to expose or blackmail them. Sometimes they use their sexual power as a weapon to extract information from their targets. Sex is so powerful that even the government use such people.

Have you seen the TV series Revenge? Or the movie Red Sparrow? In both, the main characters are spies who used sexual power to conduct espionage. When used sexually, it’s called sexpionage. But sexpionage doesn’t only happen in movies. It is a real thing. It’s called a Honey Trap Operation.

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” -Oscar Wilde

  1. Markus Wolf
  2. Fang Fang
  3. Maria Adela
  4. Anna Chapman
  5. Jeremy Wolfenden
  6. Amy Elizabeth Thorpe
  7. Mata Hari

Markus Wolf

1. Markus Wolf is a notorious East German spymaster. In the early 1950s, orchestrated a love scam and took advantage of German women who lost their husbands at war. A lot of these women turned to their careers and became prominent figures in the German government. The industry became full of lonely powerful women. Wolf saw this as a jackpot!

Wolf organized a department of the Stasi- the East German secret police. He picked the most handsome and intelligent male officers and called them “The Romeo Spies.” Must’ve been flattering being staffed by him! Their job was to seek out powerful West German women, romance the heck out of them and extract secrets.

Wolf hilariously denies he instructed his officers to use sex as a weapon. He stated “They were sharp operators who realized that a lot can be done with sex. This is true in business and espionage because it opens up channels of communication more quickly than other approaches… I was running an intelligence service, not a lonely hearts club.”

The gig was up once East Germany caught on. They realized these spies rocked certain haircuts and started arresting them at the border.

honey trap

Fang Fang

2. Fang Fang also known as Christine Fang is a busy Chinese spy. She came to the US as a college student in 2011 and spent the next four years charming her way into high political society. Fang also made her way into some of their beds.

Fang targeted the Democratic Party. She studied their habits, schedules and social networks. She slept with at least two democratic figures- including the married Eric Swalwell who she helped raise funds for and an Ohio mayor she was caught on camera having sex with.

US officials noticed her strange behavior while surveilling another suspect. Fang was a little too eager to seduce certain men and met with the person they were initially suspected of a few times. It became clear she was on some kind of mission. They reached out to Eric Swalwell about their suspicions and he immediately cut ties with her. Alarmed, she fled the country.

Fang was in for the long game and she fled in 2015 when she realized they were on to her…. before she gathered crucial information.

honey trap

Maria Adela

3. Maria Adela (real name is Olga Kolobova) came into Italy disguised as a Latin American high end jewelry designer in 2006. She told people she was born in Peru to a Peruvian mother and a German father but was later abandoned in Russia and was raised by adoptive parents. But as we know because we are on this list, this was a lie. Her real name is Olga Kolobova and she was a Russian GRU spy.

For over 10 years, Maria aka Olga targeted and charmed her way into the elite circles that included Italian NATO officials. She even befriended a former Cosmopolitan magazine editor Marcelle D’Argy Smith and married a man who later died mysteriously. His death allowed her to roam free and continue charming important men. Maria aka Olga was so good that a NATO officer himself made her the secretary of Lions Club Napoli Monte Nuovo. Surprisingly, her photo is still up on the website.

Things took a turn in 2018 when a journalism company called Bellingcat was investigating a case where a former GRU officer and his daughter were poisoned. This case was connected to another poisoning that led to a death. They uncovered the identities of the 2 male suspects of that case by discovering a passport scheme. After they were exposed, “Maria” fled to Moscow.

It took MONTHS after she fled for authorities to realize “Maria” was really Olga.

“Maria” also posted a Facebook post implying she was suffering from cancer which was a cover up to explain why she suddenly disappeared. Olga was never caught.

honey trap

Anna Chapman

4. Anna Chapman is a drop dead gorgeous Russian redhead. She moved to Manhattan, NYC in the late 2000s and disguised herself as a realtor. The truth was she was a Russian spy gathering intelligence. Some of her duped boyfriends were in the US military. Chapman had a laptop that was used to contact Russian government officials through a private wireless network. 

Anna slipped when she called her father back in Russia. She was worried that her cover was blown and expressed that via a tapped phone. The FBI uncovered that she was part of a huge network operating in the US which later inspired a TV series called The Americans

Anna’s ex-husband was scorned and sold nude photos of her to the press. Which did nothing but make her a famous sex pot. We saw the pictures. Anna can easily extract information from us too.

It is unclear what information she gathered.

honey trap

Jeremy Wolfenden

5. Jeremy Wolfenden was forced to be a spy after being a victim of a honey trap operation. He was a correspondent to the London Daily and living in Russia in the 1960s. Jeremy was targeted by the KGB because he was gay. Being gay was criminalized during this time.

The KGB sent a man to seduce Jeremy in his home while another man with a camera hid in the closet. Compromising pictures were taken of Jeremy and with those photos, the KGB threatened to expose him to his Russian employers if he didn’t agree to spy on the Western community. Wait, what about the dude doing the acts WITH Jeremy?? Anyway….

Wolfenden reported the incident to the Embassy in London and they decided to take advantage of him too! Jeremy was not expecting their reaction. The secret service instructed him to spy right back. Which made him a double agent.

The stress of being a spy led Jeremy to alcoholism. He hated it and tried many times to leave that life behind. Jeremy even married a woman to escape his identity but he was pulled back in by his handlers.

Jeremy Wolfden’s life became a big drunken blur until one day he fell on his bathroom floor and bled to death in 1965. Something tells me he didn’t have a will to live anyway. Poor man.

Amy Elizabeth Thorpe

6. Amy Elizabeth Thorpe also known as Betty Pack (combination of her nickname and married name) was a very seductive American woman born in Minnesota. She was a very beautiful woman with green eyes and amber colored hair. Thorpe was intelligent, graceful and magnetic which contributed to the fact that she was one of the most successful spies. Her codename was Cynthia.

Amy’s father was a US Marine officer who later resigned to pursue law. So her family was well connected politically. Amy’s beauty and intelligence caught the eyes of many men in the industry including a man named Arthur Pack- secretary of the British Embassy who she later married. The marriage allowed her to have dual citizenship allowing her to travel often.

The unstable marriage did not stop Amy from seducing and sleeping with men for government secrets. After her husband revealed he had an affair and was in love with someone else, she immersed herself in secret operations using her sex and looks to seduce men and helped her allies win WWII. 

Amy needs way more credit and recognition and you can find it here. During her extensive pillow talk with the enemies, she learned the polish language and discovered they were cracking the enigma codes and passed German codes and information to the British authorities. She also stole Vichu code books out of the Vichy embassy. Amy was very proud of her work and believed she saved the lives of many British and American people. She died in 1963.

Mata Hari

7. Mata Hari is history’s one of best known honey trap spies. Born in 1876, her birth name was Margaretha Geerruida Zelle. She was raised in a comfortable lifestyle until her father went bankrupt when she was 13.

At age 18, she answered an ad from a handsome Dutch officer who lived in Java, the East Indies. Their marriage was awful but during her time there, she learned the native arts and dances. They divorced in 1902.

In 1903, with her dancing talents and after divorce, Mata moved back to France and worked in a circus before moving on to an exotic dancer. She was very alluring and magnetic. With the arts and dances she learned in Java, she was very hypnotic and sensual. She named herself Mata Hari which meant “eye of the day” in Java. Her hypnotic ways caught the attention of prominent men in the military.

During WW1, the French decoded a message from Germans that they had crucial information on the French. They suspected and arrested her, accusing her of spying for the Germans. She was close to high ranking men from both Germany and France and even without solid evidence, she was a threat.

The Germans found out that their code had been broken and possibly framed Mata Hari. She denied she was a spy and insisted she was just a mistress. The jury wasn’t buying her story and ordered an execution.

The execution was scheduled October 15, 1917. Mata was very unbothered. In fact, she was dressed to the nines, refused a blindfold and accepted her situation. She reportedly nonchalantly said “I’m ready’’ before the firing.

One of the reasons why sex is so fascinating is its power. There was even a possible honey trap situation in 2019 in India, causing the military to freak out and shut down social media use among many other reasons.

The world sure has an interesting past.

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