Is Gender Fluidity New Aged BS?

History is frequently lied about which is why I am so passionate about sexuality and art. Sexuality and art are forms of truthful human expression, in my opinion and you can find it anywhere in history. It is widely believed that gender fluidity is only a recent phenomenon. But sexuality and art from the past says otherwise. It goes way back.

6 Wild Pieces of Erotic Art in History

Despite the ever changing taboos and social norms, sex and erotica was and always will be a powerful force in human nature. Sex and love united countries, created scandals and so much more throughout our lifetimes. These erotic art pieces from history prove our fascination with sex was always the same. 

Lyrics to 5 Vintage Dirty Songs- Our Grandparents Got Some Explainin’ To Do!

What is the dirtiest song you can think of? Did you ever think of VINTAGE dirty songs? After reading this, modern day artist will look pretty tame to you! For some reason, we are conditioned to think the better and pure times are back then. Generation after generation, you hear our old folks say something along the lines of ‘’WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THESE KIDS LISTENING TO??” Well, show this post to your pure grannies. They are just as guilty. The only thing that changed about humanity is how we dress. Here are some of the raunchiest songs that are from the past few decades. I'm willing to bet you'd find them dirtier than Cardi B lyrics. Let's just say Lucielle Bogan ran so Cardi B can walk. Check out the some of the lyrics in each song:

They did WHAT with WHAT? 4 Wild Vintage Sex Toys

Sex toys existed even without the technology we have today. Our ancestors had to get, um… creative. Some of these vintage sex toys are pretty gross and/or just flat out weird. This goes to show how powerful sex and our urges are. If you’re willing to go this far today, you might need some help.

5 of The Hottest Brown Famous Burlesque Dancers

When we think of the pin up and burlesque era, we think about the famous burlesque dancers such as Bettie Page, Tempest Storm and Marilyn Monroe. They are all women who earned their title! This is not to dismiss the white women of pin up, we are huge fans of these ladies. But black famous burlesque dancers were frequently overlooked.

5 Shocking Historical Sex Scandals

Shocking sex scandals was always a thing. You often hear things like “This generation is doomed… we are losing our morals…etc”.... But since humanity, there have always been scandalous people. We wouldn’t be human without them! In fact, many of our elders would put us to shame when it comes to the immorality contest. They didn’t have smart phones back then. Here are some shocking sex scandals that took place in history:

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