Vintage Erotic Art // 6 Famous & Wild Pieces From The Past

“Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets” 

– Andy Warhol (artist with vintage erotic art collection)

Do you agree with Andy?

Despite the ever changing taboos and social norms, sex and erotica was and always will be a powerful force in human nature. Sex and love united countries, created scandals and so much more throughout our lifetimes. These vintage erotic art pieces from history prove our fascination with sex was always the same. 

Some of these pieces are pretty explicit! But sex is art after all…. comment below or contact us on social media and tell us your own interpretations of these vintage erotic art pieces.

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Even though you can find many forms of erotica that can be dated as far as 40,000 years ago, here are a few examples:

  1. In 1866, an artist named Gustave Courbet produced “The Origin of the World.” This piece of a scandalous painting of a woman’s vagina- bush and all. Joanna Hiffernan was his muse at the time. Also known as Jo, she was also a lover of a close friend of his, painter James Whistler. Jo is suspected to be the owner of the vagina which may explain why Courbet’s friendship with Whistler ended.
  1. The Turin Erotica is considered the world’s first mens magazine. It was created in one the most sexual ancient civilizations, ancient Egypt. It’s an 8 foot papyrus scroll features 12 very graphic erotic images. Most of the images were sexual acts between older men and young beautiful women. It was discovered in the 1820s.
  1. Shunga is a Japanese term for “spring pictures”. Shunga is a series of wood block erotic prints. These pieces of art were produced around the Edo period (1603-1867). They featured all sorts of erotic images including beastiality and homosexuality. These blocks were used to teach young couples about lovemaking.
  1. This piece by Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Mustafa Al-Misri (YES, that is his long name) was featured in a Turkish manuscript in 1773 called the Alain Kahn-Sriber Collection Despite the fact that there is not much information on this piece, we HAD to include this raunchy one.
  1. Marcantonio Raimondi was an illustrator who was arrested for printing these images in 1524. I Modi also known as The Sixteen Pleasures is a set of illustrations inspired by the painter Gulio Romano. The original was destroyed by the Catholic Church but copies still lived on.
  1. Édouard-Henri Avril is an erotic artist from the 1800s. He was in the military until he was wounded. He studied fine arts after and started out as a commercial artist. He then started working for companies and produced erotica for subscribers only. 

Censorship never stopped a true artist from doing their work. A creative must always create and people will always be curious about sex. Erotic art provokes emotions. Emotions can lead to action.

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