Learn How To Be Excellent At Giving Head (Oral Sex)

The cheatsheet to giving head.

Lack of confidence can make one avoid oral sex altogether. This cheatsheet will make you so confident that you will never hesitate to dive right in ever again.

If you want blow people’s minds or get them hooked on you, here’s a list of straight forward tips– no bs or personal stories like most blogs-  that would work for any gender. Remember everyone is different! Remember, communication is key… if you get a marriage proposal right after, don’t forget my wedding invite.

General Tips

Tips for Cunninlings (Going down on women)

Tips for Fellatio (Going down on men)

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General Oral Sex Tips:

  1. Speak up! Don’t pretend you’re an oral sex God/Goddess if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s silly and does nothing but hinder your sexual learning experience. No matter what age, it’s totally OK to learn. Being honest about your skill level will turn you into a pro. ASK what they like.
  2. The build up. A few may like going in for the kill immediately but DESIRE and CRAVING is part of hot sex. Teasing and taking things slowly initially gives you the chance to feel around and get to know your partner’s genitals. Pay attention to reaction when you get to certain parts. Making your partner want it more and more makes the grand finale more satisfying and intense. The length of teasing depends on your partner. Pay attention to reactions. Going too fast and hard initially is a common mistake.
  3. Kiss and nibble around the genitals for a little excitement and anticipation. A lot of people’s erogenous zones are their inner thighs. The inner thighs are sensitive. There are plenty of nerve endings there and close to the genitals.
  4. Make a little noise. Sounds create vibration. Your partner can feel when you moan a little. It also indicates that you’re enjoying yourself and that’s HOT.
  5. Hands. Don’t be afraid to use your hands for a little assistance. Besides, who wouldn’t enjoy a little dual action? Use your hands and fingers to stimulate the genitals while doing so with your mouth.
  6. Eye contact. Can be awkward for some but eye contact can make some feel super connected and present in the moment.
  7. Don’t forget other body parts like the nipples, squeeze their ass, play with their ass. Play with other body parts.
  8. NO TEETH.

Tips for Cunninlings (How to go down on a woman):

  1. Lightly flick the clit with your tongue. Lightness can be super arousing and just as exciting as pressure depending on your partner.
  2. Tongue movements on the clit (especially) and labia: figure 8, up and down, zig zag, tiny circles (the favorite), pulsating on one spot. Try them all! See what your partner likes.
  3. Lighting sucking on the clit can drive one CRAZY. 
  4. When you discover what your partner likes, stay consistent. Constantly switching up can make it harder for your partner to settle into the sensation.
  5. Spread the labia. This REALLY exposes the clit- the body part that has a sole purpose of pleasure.
  6. Penetrate with fingers. Try to lighty play with the g spot. In and out and circular motion are two movements you can try.
  7. Read Give Her a Mind Blowing Orgasm… I tell youWAY more about how to eat a girl out.

Tips for Felatio (Blow job tips):

  1. Give a handjob while sucking the tip. Find out your partner’s favorite rhythm, how hard or soft they like to be stroked. Make it wet for extra credit.
  2. Speaking of wet, most do not like dry friction. It can hurt and cause the penis to go raw. So make it nice and wet. A hack to produce more saliva is try to deep throat it.
  3. Make out with or flick  the frenulum a little bit with your tongue. That is the area on the bottom where the shaft meets the head. One of the best blow job tips!
  4. The tip of the penis is the most sensitive so play, lick, suck, hard or soft ..whatever your partner wants you to do with it.
  5. Don’t forget the testies! Some like them gently sucked, sucked hard, fondled, grabbed- find out! Put your mouth on them while still stroking the penis.
  6. Use your tongue. It’s not all about the sucking. It’s about licking too. You can also pulsate your tongue WHILE sucking. 
  7. Relax the back of your throat. Get it deep in there! Take the whole thing like a dirty little…. Sorry I was about to get carried away.

Were you a pro already but learned something here? Do you have any more blow job tips or how to eat a girl out? Comment below!

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