Sexy Games For Adults- 25 Stupid But Sexy Questions

Looking for sexy games for adults?

Want to explore your lovers on a deeper level?

Sometimes the lines of communication need to be opened up with a little game time.

These thought provoking card games can bring your deepest thoughts and desires to the surface.

Because the questions gets so deep and intimate, it allows you to connect with your partner or lover on those levels.

Skin Deep offers decks of cards with meaningful questions that you wouldn’t think to ask yourself. 

You’ll never know what kind of doors you may open with these games. 

The trajectory of your relationship can change in an instant.

You may even get to know YOURSELF a little better.

The 25 Questions

Play this little naughty would you rather game for adults ONLY.

Looking for sexy games for couples? Or friends? Game night can be a perfect time to pick the brains of your friends and/or partners or even yourself. This list is a perfect way to see what your loved ones value the most when it comes to sex. Do you think you know them well? Or maybe this is a way to learn about YOURSELF more. Let the sexy games begin….

Take turns asking these crazy questions. You MUST choose one or the other. There is no winner, you just get to expose part of yourself and so do the other players. Played with 2 or more people.

  1. Can you have amazing sex with someone who hates oral? (Btw, here’s an oral sex cheatsheet)
  2. Would you rather never watch porn again or have your parents read your porn search history?
  3. Would you rather be able to only have sex in a car or only be able to have sex in a tiny shower?
  4. Can you be with someone who is lousy during intercourse but amazing with oral sex?
  5. Would you rather have 2 minutes of amazing sex or 15 minutes of average sex?
  6. Men- Would you be ok with a woman who wants anal only all of the time and amazing at oral sex?
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  1. Would you rather be cheated on or cheat on a partner? (Check out Is Cheating ALWAYS bad?)
  2. Would you rather have completely silent sex or sex with a lot of weird noises?
  3. Would you rather get caught having sex in public by police or caught at home by your parents?
  4. Would you rather accidentally send a dirty picture to your coworkers or parents?
  5. Men- Would you rather have a boner 24/7 or never being able to get one no matter what?
  6. Women- Would you be with a man who orgams via pegging only? (Absolutely yes for me but this aint about me)
  7. Would you rather have sex with someone who never showers or sex with someone who never brushes their teeth?
  8. Would you rather fart loud every time you have an orgasm or get a nose bleed every time you orgasm?
  9. Would you rather have sex with someone who is completely still during sex or someone who is completely silent?
  10. Would you rather have amazing sex with someone you find physically unattractive or have sex with someone who is super hot but bad in bed?
  11. Would you rather be a billionaire and never be able to have sex again or all the sex you want but broke?
  12. Would you rather have sex with a dog and no one knew about it or never have sex with a dog but everyone thinks you did? (Are you into taboo sex?)
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19. Would you rather watch your parents sex tape or your parents watch yours?

20.Would you rather to never have a sex again or never be able to leave your city?

21. Would you rather hear your partner scream someone else’s name or their moms name?

22. Would you rather be with someone who you have mind blowing sex with but constantly argue when not in bed or be with someone who feels like your soulmate but never have sex again?

23. Would you rather hysterically cry during sex or scream as if you’re getting murdered during sex?

24. Would you rather be with someone who is the one who initiates sex all of the time or be with someone where only you initiate sex?

25. Would you rather have a three sum with your BFF and your partner or a complete stranger that you will never see again and your partner?

Remember, you MUST choose one or the other. No cheating!

Stay tuned for more sexy games online.

We love to stir trouble hehe.

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