Tantra Sex // A Simple Way To Connect With Your Higher Self

Find yourself getting lost in self.

Take your sex and masturbation on a whole new level. If you have a hard time getting your meditations to the next level, tantric masturbation might be a little easier. Try this thrilling and hypnotic way to explore sex TONIGHT.

Tantra is an Indian spiritual practice that has both Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. The word ‘tantra’ itself means ‘’woven together” or “to weave.” Tantra is a way to connect with your own body and sexual energy on a whole new level.

The goal is connectedness. To use your sexual energy to connected to yourself or to others. Tantra lets you go beyond just physical feelings and sensations. It’s when sexual energy aligns your mind, body and soul. Once these forces are connected or woven together, sex and/or masturbation can be intense and very healing.  

Here are some benefits of Tantric Sex, some going beyond sexual needs:

  1. Releases sexual blocks and shame
  2. Enhanced communication skills
  3. Better orgasms
  4. Longer sex
  5. Better connection with yourself
  6. Deeper intimacy
  7. Can help sexual dysfunction
  8. Can help insecurity and anxiety
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Tantra is a slow beautiful process and a form of meditation. It’s about exploration and discovering new parts of yourself and/or your partner. It’s about acceptance, union and flow. There are different ways to do it and we have some tips for you.

  1. Meditate before practicing. It will help you relax and prepare your mind. This process requires you to be mindful and in the moment.
  1. Prepare your space. Create a comfortable and sacred place. Remove distractions such as any notifications, maybe light a candle (be safe), put on some soothing meditation music. Make sure it’s a place where you feel safe enough to be vulnerable and let your true self go.
  1. Focus on breath. Deep breathing is part of meditation. It helps you be more mindful and present. You can also synchronize your breath with your partner. Breath grounds you.
  1. Engage all 5 senses. Use your sense of smell, erotic or meditative audio, use your taste buds, use your eyes to focus and use touch by exploring your body or your partners body with your hands. Do massages.
  1. Go slow. This is what makes it intense. Being patient builds sexual energy and makes it explosive. 
  1. Eye contact. Eye contact makes connections intense. There’s even non sexual practices where you can self connect via mirror. Eye contact breaks barriers, makes you vulnerable and free your true self while getting to know your partner’s authentic self.
  1. Try kinks. Tantric sex is about being in the moment. This is the perfect time to try BDSM and role play.
  1. Try these positions. Tantric positions allow you to be mindful.
  1. Let go of any expectations. Tantra doesn’t require an end goal, not even orgasm. By relaxings, it allows you to explore with a fresh mind and eyes.

What’s beautiful about tantric sex is that it’s benefits goes beyond sex. There’s nothing more thrilling and liberating than connection. When you’re self connected, you are better connected with a world outside of you.

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