FWB Rules / 9 Ways To Do It Right & Stay Out Your Feelings

FWB Rules (Friends With Benefits)

What benefits are we talking about?

A. Retirement benefits

B. A boat

C. Sex

Find the answer below.

Maybe we don’t have time or don’t want a relationship at this moment…. but we still find ourselves HORNY. Casual hook ups were always popular but thanks to the internet, they’re so much easier to get. So what’s the solution? FWB!

What is the FWB meaning?

FWB meaning- A friend with benefits. Someone you respect but just have casual sex with. Basically, no strings attached sex.

FWB meaning is when you don’t date and/or don’t get into a serious relationship. Just sex. To keep it that way, there are rules for friends with benefits. Keep in mind, the rules vary and it’s up to the people in the relationship… but we have a guideline.

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Friends with benefits relationships get tricky most of the time whether we want to admit it or not. It’s really hard for some people to navigate these relationships and the lines get blurry. We have all heard things like “Don’t get your feelings involved!” but HOW do you do that?

Here are some rules for friends with benefits:

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  1. Choose a FWB you actually do not want to date. It’s easy to fall into the trap of choosing to sleep with someone that you would actually date because you’re naturally drawn to them at first. Carefully choose someone who is cute enough to sleep with, someone you like but would never date.
  1. Make sure you are BOTH on the same page. Just because you 100% friendzoned them, doesn’t mean THEY friendzoned YOU. Don’t bash me here but I know both men and women do this but more men than women do this. Men fall into this trap of sleeping with women they know they do not want to date but the women would date THEM so it would be pretty easy to get laid by them. To avoid your tires slashed, random women showing up at your job or any other crazy drama, it is important that you both are on the same page.
  1. If one of you- not BOTH of you- starts SHOWING feelings, end it. It’s explained in #2. It will turn messy.

If ONE catches feelings, it should be immediately OVER.

  1. Establish your rules and boundaries and stick to it. Maybe stay out of each other’s personal lives. It’s easy to get emotionally attached to someone when you ride the waves of their personal life. It’s like experiencing life with them. Maybe stick to other subjects like sports or food. If you need to vent and have no friends, try reddit.
  1. Continue to explore your options. You can if you want to but it doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping with a bunch of people. Keeping yourself on the market keeps your feelings out of this FWB relationship.
  1. Do not court each other. No dates. It’s cool to hang out and grab a drink here and there but always go dutch and keep it friendly. No Valentines texts, no flowers- none of that.

Expect the FWB relationship to end at any time.

  1. Always expect it to end. You don’t know what’s going on in their personal life and there’s an assumption that you are both putting yourself out there as single people. Don’t get too comfortable.
  1. Make it FUN! Is there something you always wanted to try or need someone to practice on?
  1. KEEP IT SAFE. Use protection! You don’t know who else they are sleeping with and it can be a nightmare to end up with a baby with someone you don’t know.

Would a FWB benefit you right now? Since everyone has their own rules, what are the friends with benefits rules for you?

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