8 Coolest and Weirdest Sex Toys for Women

Are you tired of the same old routine? Already tried swinging from a chandelier while masturbating and now you’re looking for something different? Out of hundreds of sex toys for women we looked at, we narrowed it down to the coolest, cutest and a few weird ones. So put the vacuum cleaner hose away, we found other ways to spice up your sex toy drawer.

  1. Are you feeling corny? Or horny? Or BOTH?? If you’re both, you’re in luck. Satisfy both of your needs with this Corn Silicone Dildo. The rubber kernels are amazing for massaging and stimulating your insides.
  1. Into Monster Cocks? No, not the huge ones from a human man but a cock of an actual monster. This website has a lot of cocks from many different creatures. Get yourself a fantasy fuck buddy.
  1. This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy went home, this little piggy had roast beef while THIS ONE became a clit sucking device. It has 10 sucking modes, made of silicone and can be used to suck on any area of your bod
  1. Lipstick isn’t only for the lips on your face. It can also be for your lips and what’s between them down there. This Vibrating Lipstick disguised as lipstick is great for sneaking some pleasure anywhere. It has multiple vibration modes and 3 different replaceable tips. A whole new meaning of LIPSTICK.
  1. It’s Hamma time! No, it’s not what you think. Don’t literally bang yourself with this hammer. This Love Hamma is a dual pleasure tool. The handle is curved, pulsates and great for your g-spot. Use the claw to stimulate your clit while you’re enjoying the handle inside you. The hammer in your tool box WILL NOT work like this.
  1. AHHH!!….. Oh sorry…. I thought I saw Ezekiel from the movie named Scary Movie. Phew! Anyway….. Remember how we explained one of the ways to give a woman an orgasm? One of the tips is to take two fingers, insert in vagina and use the “come here” motion to play with her g spot? Well it turns out, you don’t need an extra hand… from a human. This 2 finger wand attachment is made of firm rubber and will do the trick.
  1. Can’t afford a fucking machine? What if you can build your own sex toy without breaking a sweat? This company provides us with The Thruster. On their website, they give you the option to customize your very own handheld fuck machine. The name of this toy says it all. It’s a thrusting vibrator. Save the sweat for orgasming.
  1. Are you throwing italian hand gestures or is your sex toy collection happy to see me? This rubber fisting toy is made of a hypoallergenic silicone and feels close to the real thing. Fingers are positioned so you can enter any hole safely.

Life is an endless playground when it comes to sex toys for women! Get yourself some fun new toys to play with. Check out the links below.

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