How To Be A Sugar Daddy The Efficient Way (Or Sugar Momma)

Sometimes it’s cheaper this way.

Here’s how to be a sugar daddy in a way that benefits YOU and your sugar baby.

Why do people view sugar relationships so negatively? Some see it as crazy, unhealthy, taboo, manipulative and more negative descriptive words. But that’s hardly the truth. Despite what anyone says, Sugar daddies aren’t being taken advantage of. It’s a fun mutual arrangement. There are benefits of being a sugar daddy (and momma).

Sugar relationships are mostly honest relationships. There is nothing wrong with having this unconventional relationship just like there’s nothing wrong with poly relationships, arranged marriages or same sex relationships. There are many ways to mate. Some people rather not or have the inability to be in conventional relationships and that’s ok. We have one life to live.

Let’s get a few sugar relationship myths out the way first:

Myth #1: Sugar babies aren’t smart and have nothing going for them. If that was the case, they wouldn’t be successful sugar babies. Smart and educated sugar babies can maintain the attention of smart and successful people. Successful people do not surround themselves with people who don’t offer much. A lot of sugar babies like to surround themselves with mentors so yes, smart, interesting and quality sugar babies exist.

Myth #2: It’s all about sex. What the people in sugar relationships do is between them but some of them don’t involve sex at all. Sugar relationships are about fun and companionship. These are relationships built on connection, not sex. But you can have sex if you want to!

Myth #3: You have to be a certain age. This is a common myth. People of all ages offer money and value. Older men are not the only group of people with money and younger women aren’t the only ones getting spoiled. While some sugar daddies/mommies like younger arm candy, a lot of them prefer older because older tend to be more graceful and have more in common with sugar daddies/mommies.

Myth #4: You have to be drop dead gorgeous. Yes, putting your best foot forward when it comes to physical appearance is very essential but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s how you carry yourself that matters the most. Choose sugar babies who have more to offer. Looks are a bonus.

Myth #5: They aren’t real fulfilling relationships. Every single connection you have with others is considered a relationship and can be fulfilling when doing it right.

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So what are the benefits?

The biggest difference between sugar relationships and many other kinds of relationships is that sugar relationships usually involve fun ONLY. Most of them are drama free and obligation free. There are other ways that sugar relationships can be better than conventional relationships such as:

  • Better communication due to brutal honesty
  • Flexibility
  • Monogamy not required
  • Freedom

Having an upfront arrangement like this is low risk for high earning people. High earning people can even marry their sugar babies and it could be similar to a business deal. Sugar daddies/mommies can be too dedicated to their work to have it any other way. This arrangement gives them consistent companionship in their down time. Some people are happy this way.

How To Be A Sugar Daddy
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Sugar Daddy Tips

Choosing the right partner no matter what kind of relationship is crucial. Especially for a man that provides. Here are some dating tips:

  1. Choose sugar babies that are very honest about their intentions. Sometimes it’s hard for them to say it directly so try leading the conversation by saying something that implies you don’t mind sugar relationships. For example “I don’t have time for dating, I rather spend money on a fun arrangement.”
  1. Don’t choose someone that is a possible liability. Someone who is discreet when they need to be, someone with their own life, someone who does not cause drama and brings you peace.
  1. Choose someone who you respect and respects you. Respect is huge in any type of relationship. Both have to respect boundaries, needs and wants. Create boundaries and respect theirs.
  1. Be aware of scammers such as catfish. Don’t be too eager to give your money away without making sure the person is for real.
  1. Make a very clear arrangement. Do you agree on a monthly allowance? Vacations only? Both parties have to be clear about their wants and needs.

The benefits of being a sugar daddy/momma can appeal to people who don’t care to have conventional relationships. Most arrangements are liberating because both parties are free and having fun. That’s what sugar relationships should be. Fun and pleasure seeking.

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