You Already Have The Best Pheromones / 5 Ways to Increase It

What kind of scents arouse you? Lavender? Sandalwood? How about straight up body odor?

The best pheromones are your natural body odor.

But you can buy products to increase it.

Natural odors like pheromones can be triggering and can turn one into a horny animal… well, we are animals after all… and we like sex.

Sex should be a full body experience. When it comes to sex, we like to see something sexy, touch to stimulate, taste body parts and hearing moans. But what about smell? Don’t underestimate the smell of sex…


Visual attraction is never enough when it comes to choosing partners. Animals always used scent to attract and communicate with chemicals called pheromones. Pheromones are chemical substances that are released through the skin, urine, sweat and saliva. These scents affect others that are the same species psychologically and primarily perceived through our olfactory sensors.

Pheromones are detected by our vomeronasal organ which is above our nasal cavity. That organ sends signals to our olfactory system which communicate with our brain. The vomeronasal organ plays a major part in our social behavior.

You ever smelled someones perfume or cologne when they walk by and you were so triggered that you had to check them out?

SOME researchers are still debating if pheromones have a part in attraction when it comes to humans. But the thing about science is, just because they cannot prove how or why doesn’t mean that it does not exist. There is absolutely no denying that humans are sometimes stopped in their tracks when it comes to scent and their attraction to another person.


Attract is not the only thing pheromones do. You can actually be repulsed by someone’s pheromones which means they are not the right person for you. They call attraction chemistry for a reason. Some mash up of chemicals work, some don’t.

For example, there have been studies where a group of women were to take a whiff of different natural body odors of men. Women seemed to be more attracted to men who have different genes than them. (Also explains why you don’t have the hots for your siblings, ew) This way, their offspring can have natural defenses when it comes to threats like sickness. So the immune system plays a major role in attraction. The healthier the better and it plays a part in reproduction.

When it comes to studying men, their noses can pick up when women are ovulating. In some cases, men were to smell the natural body odor and genitals of women. They found that the male testosterone levels increased when they smelled ovulation.

best pheromones

How To Increase Pheromones:

There are many ways to increase your smell of sex. Meaning these tips will ENHANCE your natural pheromones to attract the right one. Not just ANYONE. That’s what make your natural scent the best pheromones. It helps you connect with the right partner.

Here’s how to increase female pheromones as well as male pheromones:

  1. Exercise. Yes. Hit the gym. Especially when it comes to lifting weights, exercise regulates your hormones and chemicals in your body. 
  1. Do not overdo it in the shower. Sounds counter productive but harsh chemicals take away your natural scent. Use unscented soaps. You must bathe regularly and maintain good hygiene. A little natural smell won’t kill ya.
  1. Get good sleep. Not sleeping creates hormone imbalance.
  1. Take SUPPLEMENTS. The supplements we include enhance your natural chemistry.
  1. Use pheromone enhancing body oils and sprays.

To this day, I have an ex that I’m still very much attracted to. I see them at work. I don’t want to be with that person anymore, I don’t think we are compatible but I am still attracted to their natural smell. If we were in our primal days, that’s who I’d be having babies with. That’s the power of the smell of sex. Thank God we are in the common sense days because that would be a mess.

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