Tobias Ginski Gone WILD On Artmajeur // The Colorful Tobias Collection

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Polish artist Tobias Ginski has gone WILD on Artmajeur. We have never seen anything so tastefully vulgar. His erotic art will pull your emotional strings with shock value and sensuality. Here are 5 erotic art pieces we found by this provocative man.

  1. Wait 03– This lady doesn’t look like she’s waiting for anything. In fact, the patterns that give this photo movement gives this image impatient energy. She is eager to please this man’s member with her mouth. The sparks are flying in this photo so much that she’s wearing sunglasses.
tobias ginski
  1. Wik 2021– Just like most of his pieces, the energy is intense. You can see the emotion in a woman’s face while she’s hog tied and dragged by a faceless lady in leather. The woman’s face is a mixture of pain and pleasure as she is pulled by her chained up ankles and hair. 
tobias ginski
  1. Wiol 2018– A woman with a seductive face and toned body stares intensely at you with a ring gag in her mouth. This pulls your energy because it’s confusing. Her stare and body language tells us that she is the boss but her ring mouth gag says otherwise. Or maybe she is simply a fuck doll in this moment.
tobias ginski
  1. Dio 2021– Is this a snowball fight? They both seem to be nude so maybe it’s not that kind of snowball fight. The woman on the bottom seems to be hungry to please and consume pleasure as the lady on top of her spit something as white as snow into her mouth. This vulgarity is NOTHING compared to Tobias’ other pieces.
tobias ginski
  1. Istanbul Girl 08– Her head tilted back in ecstasy. Even though you can only see her face partially, you can tell she has a face full of pleasure. She’s wearing a fishnet bodysuit that bares her breast and erect nipples. Our theory is she’s sitting on a washing machine lol!
tobias ginski

Tobias Ginski is on fire. He will be seen again in one of our art collections.

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