5 Erotic Art Pieces in the Rain

Rain, rain, please don’t go away. Some of us love to feel your wetness against our skin. Just like sex, the element of your water gives us life. We love the rainbows you give us after a storm. Meanwhile, let’s make erotic art in the rain.

They did WHAT with WHAT? 4 Wild Vintage Sex Toys

Sex toys existed even without the technology we have today. Our ancestors had to get, um… creative. Some of these vintage sex toys are pretty gross and/or just flat out weird. This goes to show how powerful sex and our urges are. If you’re willing to go this far today, you might need some help.

8 Coolest and Weirdest Sex Toys for Women

Are you tired of the same old routine? Already tried swinging from a chandelier while masturbating and now you’re looking for something different? Out of hundreds of sex toys for women we looked at, we narrowed it down to the coolest, cutest and a few weird ones. So put the vacuum cleaner hose away, we found other ways to spice up your sex toy drawer.

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