STD Checking // Stop Being Weird About It & Go Get Checked

There’s a problem where there’s more shame in getting tested than going around undetected. That’s weird.

See links for STD checking in the privacy of your own home.

We live in a society where sex and sexuality is more talked about and accepted. So why are we not more open to screen our sexual health so we can relax and have more fun doing it? Despite the fact that STDs are rising, there is still this weird stigma around STD checking.

Same Day STD Testing

Most people are unaware that more than half people in the US alone will become infected with an STD in their lifetime. This is because it is not talked about enough due to the shame attached to it. Sadly the ignorance causes a lot of people to experience their STDs weaponized against them. The social stigma causes a lot of people to ignore conversations and symptoms of an STD which causes the STD rates to increase.

Untreated STD can lead to many health problems such as certain cancers and infertility. The sooner you get tested, the better chances of effective treatment. It is better to know for your own health and the people you have unprotected sex with.

A lot of STDs are asymptomatic. Sometimes there are no signs of STDs until it’s too late. Here are some STI/STD symptoms if you do get symptoms:

  1. Unusual discharge
  2. Burning while peeing
  3. Pain during sex
  4. Sore and/or bumps around mouth and genitals
  5. Unusual odor
  6. Swollen lymph nodes
  7. Lower abdominal pain
  8. Rash
  9. Vaginal bleeding
  10. Itching

We repeat, you can have an STD with no symptoms at all. That is one of many reasons why many people don’t bother to get STD checking. Let’s bust a few other myths around STDs:

  1. You can’t get an STD if you don’t have intercourse. STDs are spread through all forms of sex like oral, anal and vaginal. All it takes is the infection to enter via any opening of your body.
  1. Only dirty people have STDs. This is probably the worse myth out there. People are under the impression only certain people who look and/or behave a certain way get STDs. All it takes is ONE PERSON. STDs DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. 
  1. You would know if someone has an STD. Once again, most people are asymptomatic. Some symptoms are visible at all.
  1. You can’t spread it while on treatment. This is not true. You have to be completely treated before you engage in sexual activity again. You CAN GET REINFECTED if you don’t tell your partner or partners and use condoms.
  1. You don’t need to worry about STDs because you’re in a relationship. Not true at all. A lot of people don’t bother getting tested and can carry diseases for years.

Some STDs can be cured but there are a few that’s incurable. However, thanks to modern medicine, it can be manageable. DO NOT risk other people’s lives and compromise their health. GET TESTED and be open with your partner(s).

If you do have an STD, it is your job to contact whoever you had sex with. It is only fair and the ethical thing to do. It is a very uncomfortable conversation but the reward of speaking up is much greater.

std checking

Here are some tips for telling your sex partners:

  1. Put yourself in their shoes. Wouldn’t you want to know so you can take care of the problem before irreversible damages?
  1. Be open to questions. Your partner has the right to ask questions about their health and well being.
  1. Be calm. Be matter of fact, do not mix emotions in this conversation. Anger, sadness, resentment can be hard to resist on both ends but being emotional about conversations like this is unproductive.
  1. Be direct and honest. It’s the only way to treat the problem.
  1. Let the conversation flow freely. Do not put pressure on the other person.

Condom sex is the most effective way to prevent STDs. Condom sex is not as bad as people make it seem. It can be very pleasurable.

Please protect yourself and others. Go for STD checking Educate yourself about STDs.

You can get tested privately, at home. Do what’s right and click HERE and banner below.

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