DIY Sex Dungeon- Turn Your Home Into An Adult Playground 

Your own sex dungeon right at home.

Imagine having an adult fantasyland right in your own home. You don’t have to travel far to change the atmosphere and experience a thrilling sexual escapade that arouses all senses. Here’s how to take your date night in on the next level with a sex dungeon at home.

Whatever your fantasy is, a sex dungeon (or sex room) can be anywhere from a BDSM room or a romantic fantasy room. DUNGEON doesn’t necessarily mean something hardcore. A sex dungeon is pretty much defined as “a place used for sexual intentions.” 

The point is to create a comfortable creative environment of your own to play in. Here, we have excellent sexy bedroom ideas and ways to make your own personal sex room feel like you’re on a sex vacation. 

This sex toy guide will come super handy for your sexy bedroom.

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1. LED Light Strips LED lighting is incredibly sexy and you can get them in any color to match the theme of your sex room. It’s a psychological fact that colors can adjust mood and libido. It doesn’t have to look like a nightclub or an arcade unless that’s part of your sexy theme. It can be a soft blue or soft romantic warm color.

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Whichever kind of lighting you choose, make sure it is dim. Dim lighting is relaxing and boosts confidence in the bedroom. The reason why it boosts confidence is because dim lighting is enough to see but doesn’t make people feel super exposed while doing something vulnerable like SEX.

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2. Candles. Candles are relaxing and there’s enough light to see what’s going on. The dim light of candles melts away the visual distractions and allows you to focus on what or who you are doing.

Even though you can go for LED lights, the flame of a candle is so sexy because it’s alive, raw and it burns of desire. 

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE candle for light, wax play and scent is Eden’s Fantasy CBD massage candle. It smells ridiculously good! The scent is a mixture of lavender and orange. It is CBD infused so it relaxes the mind and body. There is NO WAY you CANNOT get in the mood with this candle. I am crazy about it.

More candles made specifically for sex

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3. Aphrodisiacs. Besides each other, have something to put in your mouth that scientifically turns on you. Aphrodisiacs arouses desire and enhance performance. Chocolates, berries and wine are aphrodisiacs.

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4. WATER. Make sure you have water. Adult play marathons and things like wine can dehydrate you. You need water in your sex room.

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5. Lube. I cannot STAND most lubes but when you find an excellent one, it is a GAME CHANGER. I personally narrowed down the best lubes on my Sex Lube Guide. Lube is essential for sex marathons. If you’re creating a sex dungeon, I assume you’re going to be in there for awhile… which means you need lube.

Lube List

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6. Scents. My sense of smell is my BIGGEST arousal trigger. Incenses, candles and oil diffusers are some ways to enhance your sex room. Scents like lavender, vanilla, jasmine, sandalwood and rose are some scientifically proven scents that trigger arousal. 

My favorite aphrodisiac scent? PHEROMONES. See my post about Increasing Pheromones and why you should try it.

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7. Incorporate some textures. Touch is a sense and textures heighten that. Try some silk sheets or even just pillow cases. You can find some velvet pillow cases and other room accessories. 

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8. Sex Bedding. Good sex gets passionate and messy. Body fluids, lubes, aphrodisiacs…. But mostly body fluids. Bedding made specifically for sex is moisture proof but very comfortable. The bedding linked below is INCREDIBLY soft! It’s made of a luxurious velvet that’s safe for messes, gives your room a pop of texture and gives your room a sexy touch.

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9. Sex Furniture. I love my bed, I really do. But the living room was always my favorite place for sex because of how easy the furniture makes it. But now I have this sex pillow and it’s now a toss up. Sex furniture or position pillows makes things easier to go deeper and align with your partner’s body parts.

Take it a step further and get yourself a sex couch.

10. Mirrors. Sex is visually stimulating. It is SO HOT watching yourself or your partner from various angles. Watching yourself have sex through the mirror is like watching your own porno WHILE making the porno. It’s amazing! Plus it will give you visual memories to store in your spank bank.

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11. Put up some sexy artwork. Upgrade your sex place with some sexy and sensual artwork. It will make your area feel like a sex palace. We have a few art collections. It doesn’t even have to be super vulgar.

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12. Eliminate all distractions. This is a mindful event. We are here to be in the moment. Sex is very meditative and can be good for the mind, body and soul when done right.

Learn more about Tantric Sex here on this blog.

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13. Don’t forget your adult toys. Have a sexy toy box nearby.

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14. Music. I personally love artists like Sabrina Claudio and Tanerelle for sex. Music alone can change the vibe in your entire room. Have a sexy and sensual playlist. Anything too fast, too loud and too rowdy is very distracting.

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15. Don’t forget YOURSELF. You are the accessory too! Prepare your body for sexy with grooming and good hygiene. 

Wear something with texture like silk, leather or even just a simple soft fabric. It’s coming off either way but your presentation is part of the playful experience.

If you’re a woman, I would stay away from porn star glam makeup. If the sex is the right kind of sex, you can look like a disaster in no time. Only a small amount of makeup will do.

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These sex room ideas are only suggestions. You can create your space any way you want to. Remember this is YOUR moment and YOUR fantasy land. Forget life outside of the four walls or your playroom for awhile.

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