6 Amazing Ways To Connect & Safe Online Dating Tips

Right at the tip of your typing fingers, there are endless connections to choose from. Online dating sites, webcam sites, pen pals- whatever your desire is. You will surely meet someone that fulfills your needs but there is a problem. Your loneliness can get you robbed! Keep reading for safe online dating tips.

Human connections are beneficial to your health. That’s too bad because there’s a rise in loneliness. The good news is, the internet makes it so much easier to find a way to reduce that lonely feeling. Keep in mind that genuine connections take time so just because you have hundreds of profiles to look at doesn’t mean your loneliness is fixed.

Loneliness means lack of connection. Not lack of humans you can interact with. So included in these online safety tips, we show you how to have an actual connection.

6 Ways To Connect

6 Ways You Can Get Robbed

6 Ways to Prevent Being Murdered

6 Ways To Connect

There are ways to connect deeply and form a meaningful relationship with your internet connection. These tips are helpful if you have a long distance lover and also great for getting to know the person you’ve been chatting with online before a physical meet up. Here are some ideas:

1. Be authentic. When you are authentic, you get your real needs met. Just because you’re on the internet doesn’t mean be something you’re not to fulfill a fantasy. People make that mistake a lot. Being authentic actually makes your fantasies reality. With millions of connections to choose from all over the world, you will surely meet one that accepts and enjoys exactly who you are right now. Don’t be afraid to be you. Being authentic is KEY for treating loneliness. You cannot have a genuine connection being fake or lying. Lack of connection is what makes people feel lonely, NOT lack of humans they can surround themselves with.

2. Express your feelings with a special message, an e-card, a thoughtful little gift etc. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it can sometimes be something free. A cute little note to let your connection know you’re thinking about them. It could brighten up their day and giving joy brings you joy. It also helps you stay in touch with yourself. Not being connected to yourself and your feelings gives you the illusion of loneliness. Be honest with yourself.

3. Do things together. It is possible to bond over activities even when physically far apart. Play some games, watch some movies, read books together, workout, maybe teach each other something– get creative, make it special and fun. Ask naughty questions like these.

4. Digital date nights. Get your candles out, dress up (or down hehe), groom yourself, even put on your favorite scent, get some wine out, a nice meal and have a romantic night with your connection. Play some nice music, do a little dance or get one.

5. Every relationship is a two way street. Be curious about your connection, be a shoulder to lean on, let them express themselves, celebrate their victories. Don’t forget they have needs too and it’s an honor for them to trust you enough to open up and vice versa. Being a safe space for someone increases the feeling of connection.

6. Pet names are so fun. It’s personalized and it’s an understanding that’s between you and your connection only. 

safe online dating tips

6 Ways You Can Get Robbed

Although the opportunities and fun can seem endless, online dating doesn’t come without risks. Dating in general doesn’t come without risks. Love and connection is what humans crave more than anything so there are people out there who exploit that. Can you imagine pouring your heart out and the person on the other side is not who they say they are at all? Here are ways online dating can go wrong and how to prevent it.

  1. Catfishing is where a person pretends to be someone they’re not. They will use pictures and photos that don’t belong to them. They move fast, seem too good to be true, they refuse to video chat or prove that they are who they say they are. Why do they do this? Low self esteem- people may feel like who they are isn’t good enough so they pretend to be someone else to receive affection. The other reason is money. They may ask for money.  
  1. If you’re on adult pay sites, be aware of people PRETENDING to be a model. They ask for tips and/or sell things like panties. Make sure you are sending money and/or purchasing from the model in the pictures. I personally have been a victim of this. People have used my modeling photos to sell panties that aren’t mine.
  1. Don’t send personal information under any circumstances. Do not send nudes or do anything on video until there is TRUST. Some scammers may use the nudes to exploit you for money. They may threaten to send the nudes out until you send them money. They are more than likely bluffing but this is a scare tactic heartless people use to get people to send them money. Faceless nudes is your best bet.
  1. Beware of fake online dating sites. Do a research on the website before signing up. Fake dating sites may ask personal questions regarding things like finances. They would do things like offer you free premium membership. For money and identity theft.
  1. Code verification scam. You may receive a text pretending to be from a legit online dating site asking you to click on the link and give personal information. DON’T click on it!!
  1. General tip: DO NOT click on any un verified links.

IF YOU FIND YOURSELF being scammed, ghost them immediately.

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6 Ways to Prevent Being Murdered

These safe online dating tips will prevent you from appearing on The First 48.

  1. Tell at least one person if you can. Some people prefer not to have others in their personal business but sometimes you have to suck it up and tell at least one person so they can be able to check up on you.
  1. Meet publicly for the first physical meeting. Don’t go anywhere private until you meet them publicly, DO NOT let a stranger know where you live and DO NOT go to their home. It’s dangerous. We encourage digital date nights before the first physical meeting.
  1. Investigate their photos. Do a reverse search on their photos. A few red flags- they have less than 2 photos and the photos look outdated.  Make sure they are the person they say they are and see what information pops up. 
  1. Don’t get drunk or high. It’s tempting when you’re seeking a wild night but trying to mate with a complete stranger while not having a clear mind can make you VULNERABLE AS HECK. Putting your guard down before knowing someone is SUPER DANGEROUS.
  1. Use a fake phone number. There are plenty of apps you can use that gives you a second phone number. If all goes wrong and you feel unsafe, you can just delete the app or phone number.
  1. Don’t use the same photos you use on personal social media. Use different ones, this way they won’t be able to easily find your personal information.

If you want something fun, adventurous and exciting, explore the legit online dating sites below. Time and time again it has been proven dating online can change the entire trajectory of your life. I personally have an Adult Friend Finder premium account that have used and found an actual boyfriend. Be patient and be careful.

Key takeaway– be yourself and make sure the person you’re interacting with is who they say they are. These safe online dating tips will you get a real connection.

Be free and be yourself…. your connection is out there.

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