The Phallus Art Collection // 5 Strong & Ravishing Erotic Art Pieces

“His dick, for example, was just that. It wasn’t odd or typical. It just was, by god. And isn’t that nice?”
― Steve Almond

Did you have a rock collection when you were a kid? Well we have collected an adult version. We present 3 rock hard erotic phallus art pieces and 2 soft. All penis shapes and sizes are beautiful to us. Check out the 5 beautiful cocks that made it on our list.

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  1. Standing 2021 by Hank Wandle– This thick, hard, throbbing figure stands nice and straight like the beautiful piece of art it is… and oh yeah, there’s a penis here too. Being just as beautiful, this hard penis curves upward. We call these penis shapes the g-spot tickler. The paint strokes (see what I did there? hehe) makes his man’s hard body and hard penis glisten in the light.
phallus art
  1. Penis 2021 by Hank Wandle– This creatively named painting reveals a soft penis painted in blue. His member is paired with a set of thick juicy looking balls. The image is so inviting- it makes one want to touch, fondle and gently squeeze until there’s an erection. But for now, it’d look amazing hanging on your wall.
phallus art
  1. The Pandering of Pinnochio #2 by Benna G Maris– Most of us know the Pinocchio story. Lying will give you a long and hard nose. In this case, Adam Levine was given a penis nose. According to the artist, Adam is “a sex praiser who expands his sex magnitude by telling lies…”
phallus art
  1. Fire Brand by Hank Wandle– This painting is made up of warm fiery colors including a reddish brown. This thick dark penis is highlighted in a cool blue color to portray it glistening in light. This penis is up and ready for the next events. It looks as if it’s impatiently waiting.
phallus art
  1. Soft by Hank Wandle– This thick and soft uncircumcised penis rests on a thick scrotum. It is decorated with beautiful red ginger colored pubic hair. The thick vibrant red in contrast to the man’s pale skin is striking. His package looks like a warm invite.
phallus art

Look at our other collections of erotic art.… which one is your favorite?

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