OUCH! Penis Too Big // What To Do If You Or Your Partner Suffer From Too Much Dick

What’s the opposite of throwing a hot dog down a hallway?

People LOVE to brag or drag penis size. There is a popular belief that bigger is better when it comes to penis size and that’s certainly not the case for some. Not everybody is shaped to handle a baseball bat sized penis. Penis too big? There are ways around it.

We don’t think it’s fair to scrutinize body parts and sizes. We got what we got and there are ways around it. The great thing about the internet is you can research ways to make your situation better with whatever you have. You can even google “How to have sex with someone with two vaginas…” Yes, that’s also a thing.

There are some ways to deal with an extra large penis like the champ you are! Or if you’re the one with the large penis, there are ways to make your partner feel comfortable. Knowing how to use what you got or what’s in front of you makes you really good in bed.

6 Things You Can Do (keep scrolling)

penis too big
  1. Be careful with lube. This may be a very unpopular tip when it comes to dealing with a penis too big. People tend to think the more, the better. That’s not true. Too much lube- especially oil based lubes- can give you a little too much slip. Which can lead to the big penis receiver taking way more than the body can handle. Use enough to prevent tearing but not too much.
  1. Try these positions. Generally, you’d want to stick to positions where the receiving partner has most of the control. The person with the big penis doesn’t need ANY HELP with putting more pressure and/or weight into thrusting since they already have more weight than what Pablo Escobar smuggled into the states. Spooning with a big penis is a personal fav here.
  1. Make the receiver orgasm first. No matter how they do it (fingers, toys, etc)… giving the receiver an orgasm first can relax their whole body. The pelvic floor muscles relax making the body prepared to take it all in.
  1. Start small. Work up to it. When someone has a large penis, it’s probably not a good idea to start banging right away. Do a lot of foreplay to prepare the body. Ease into it. Use smaller toys to make things more…. Open.
  1. Try a penis buffer. If you’re a man with a big penis, you should have this handy. It’s basically a penis doughnut you slip to the base of your penis. It prevents your penis from penetration too much. This way, you can let go and lose yourself without worrying about your partner being in pain.
  1. Be patient and have fun. Don’t treat this like a work project with a deadline. Have fun, let go of pressure. Set the mood. This makes things easier to slip in other things.

Keep in mind “penis too big” may be different for everyone. Just stating that in case someone becomes…. delusional.

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