Nude Male Art Collection / Our Love For The Masculine

“His beauty was his true vocation”
― Jack Fritscher

Our nude male art collection comes with intensity.

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The female form isn’t the only human form that’s a work of art.

The male physique has its wonders too.

Every human body is a work of erotic art. But it’s different from the other forms of art. The human body is a walking canvas of thoughts, souls, experiences, perceptions… there are things you can’t see with the naked eye but you can detect it via human expression.

Nudity and sexuality is already a form of art. But when expressed through mediums such as paint and photography, it gets intense, captivating, raw and emotional. Sex is human nature that’s very expressive. Capturing these moment in different art mediums allows us to take a good look inside the mind. 

An art collection is not complete without the most raw form of art- human nudity. Here’s the male art collection.

The Enhanced Male

Here are 5 beautiful male forms of erotic male art.

  1. African American Man by Olivkan – The motion of the paint strokes in this painting wraps around the curves and crevices around this dark skinned man’s muscular body. He’s wearing purple shorts that emphasize his milky brown complexion. He’s standing strong and confident as the “V” of his lower abs peel out.
nude male art
  1. Oleksandr Balbyshev– The paint strokes of his piece are mesmerizing so we included 2 of his pieces. We are obsessed with how his painting technique makes the cavas become alive. They are so vivid that it pulls you in and can make you question reality. It feels like we are being talked to when we view his images. Telling a story with energy and colors instead of words.

We will definitely revisit this artist in our other discussions about the erotic male art.

“Red Guy” by Oleksandr Balbyshev– A devilish playful man who seems to want to lure us to a place.

nude male art
  1. “Still Life with Sug” by Oleksandr Balbyshev – The man is still but the image is anything but.
nude male art
  1. Rachmaninov’s Dream by Peter Duhaj– Rachmaninov is a Russian composer and pianist. He has a piece where he talks about a dream of a world of immortality and love. He was disappointed it was just a dream. Or is it a dream? Is a dream a form of reality?
nude male art
  1. Mike by Yaroslav Sobol– Mike is a beautiful toned man with thick hair and tattoos on his arms. His facial expression makes him appear humble as he sits there as a nude model. The beauty of paintings of human bodies is that the paint has the ability to bring out the soul of the subject. You can tell Mike is a laid back man.
nude male art

What do you think of this male physique collection? Does the male physique intrigue you? Is there enough nude male art?

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