Nude In Nature- The Erotic Art Tree Collection

“All our wisdom is stored in the trees.”
― Santosh Kalwar

Being nude in nature is as natural as it gets.

Imagine being nude and surrounded by woodies. That’s what these ladies had to do in the name of erotic art … they got to be nude in nature- so jealous.

Sex and sexuality is a form of art.

When expressed through mediums such as paint and photography, it’s intense, captivating and emotional as heck… especially in nature.

Capturing these raw moments in different art mediums allows us to take a good look inside the subconscious mind.

An art collection is not complete without the most intense form of art- human sexuality.

Click on each photo to learn more. **NOTE: Some of the links require you to log in just to make sure you are 18 and over**

  1. Hard Long Form by Al Del Degan– To be nude in nature is to rub against it. This black and white photo captures the details and every crevice of this long hard form. Her body, that is. Leading against the long hard form of a tree trunk, this beauty plays peek-a-boo with her face yet her whole body is exposed.
nude in nature

More from this artist:

  1. Viki 3336 by Craig Morey– Summer turns into fall while the leaves on the trees are still different shades of green and the fallen leaves have different shades of browns, oranges and yellows… Included in this color scheme is Viki’s tanned olive nude body. The blonde walks ahead of us, showing her peach shaped bottom. Looks like a beautiful day to be nude in nature.
nude in nature

More from this artist:

  1. The Tiger on Baobab tree by Beppe Buttinoni– This is the sexiest version of Jane from Tarzan you will ever see. The subject’s hot little body climbs a very wide tree trunk. She has a fierce Tigress graceful look as she looks back at the camera.
nude in nature

More from this artist:

  1. Lovers in Autumn by Arkadiy Kozlovskiy– Two seductive female lovers both have an inviting stare as they look into the camera. Their beautiful feminine figures are surrounded by the stunning colors of fall. Their skin blends in with the beauty of the woods during this season.
nude in nature

More from this artist:

  1. Nude Tree Swing by AJG Film Productions– A playful woman holds her body up with her arms as she swings on a tree. She’s in a beautiful backyard with a pool. As her long dark hair hangs to her butt, she looks like a ballerina mid air.
nude in nature

Looking at these photos makes me crave something long and hard. Like a Yosemite trip! To be around trees and breathe the crisp air…. to be nude in nature. Hope you enjoy our collections of erotic art as much as we do.

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