5 Seductive B&W Erotica Pieces // Provocative & Strange

“Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.”
― Henry Adams

Sometimes a little chaos makes experiencing erotica more fascinating. We found 5 b&w erotica (black and white erotica) pieces that are both sexy and chaotic. These b&w erotica pieces will heighten your senses in many different ways and bring high energy into your home.

Sex and sexuality is already a form of art. But when expressed through mediums such as paint and photography, it’s intense, captivating and emotional as heck. Sex is a form of human nature that’s very expressive so to capture these moment in different art mediums allows us to take a good look inside the subconscious mind.

An art collection is not complete without the most intense form of art- human sexuality.

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  1. Ultimate Transparency by Naked P’nk Believe it or not, this photo is the photographer’s first bondage shoot. Very shocking considering the intensity of the photo. The subject’s emotion is so raw, beautiful and transparent. Her body is wet. Her  makeup is smeared, proving how tantalizing her experience is during this shoot. She’s drooling from both pain and pleasure. This captivating photo is full of emotion. (click HERE to purchase)
b&w erotica
  1. Uncontrollable II by Igor Amelkovich Her legs tied to two opposite sides of the bed open her legs up wide. But this chaotic lady seems a little uncontrollable still. Her interesting erotic pose and mask suggest that she LOVES to play and she LOVES a challenge. Would you play with her? (click HERE to purchase)
b&w erotica
  1. Passionate Contrast1 by Nymphidia This graphic artist always had a fascination with anatomy with both animal and human. He found his love of both in Greek mythology creatures. Pictured here is a faun (half goat, half man) ravishing a nymph (creatures who guarded nature and retained beauty til death) like the animal he is. This manly, dominant looking creature seem to lose control once he’s inside a beautiful nymph. (click HERE to purchase)
b&w erotica
  1. Collapsed by Nai Sirrom Is that blood? Sorry to let some of you down but it’s actually paint. We were initially drawn to this piece thinking it was blood. Yet it still feels chaotic. This photo is from a series regarding a bank. When the banker collapses, so does she. Maybe the artist is saying inside every hard working man there is a beautiful muse? We are not sure, comment below for your interpretation.  (click HERE to purchase)
  1. Woman pouring water into her lover’s mouth by Marco Tenaglia A captured moment between two lovers. The dom partner grabs her partner’s face, demands her sub to open her mouth so she can see who is boss. While standing over her while her partner sit in the chair with her legs and body open, she pours wetness in her mouth while it spills and drips down on her body. (click HERE to purchase)
b&w erotica

Did any of these pieces b&w erotica move you? Do you like chaos in your sex life?

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