The Butt Art Collection // 5 Seductive Booties You Want

“The ass is the face of the soul of sex.”
― Charles Bukowski

Welcome to out Butt Art Collection

Did you know the most powerful muscle on your body is your gluteus maximus? The butt supports movements, helps posture and there’s such a thing as “dead butt syndrome.” In other words, you lose it if you don’t use it! These incredible erotic art subjects put theirs into good use. Butts are also powerful because they are simply mesmerizing.

Sex and sexuality is already a form of art. But when expressed through mediums such as paint and photography, it’s intense, captivating and emotional as heck. Sex is a form of human nature that’s very expressive so to capture these moment in different art mediums allows us to take a good look inside the subconscious mind. 

An art collection is not complete without the most intense form of art- human sexuality.

  1. Worship by Perry Gallagher– This beautiful full figured woman is bent over a railing showing the bottom of her incredible booty cheeks. They’re peeking out from under a white sheer nightie. You can see her black thong that matches her black thigh highs. The statues that surround her appear to worship her Goddess-like body. (click HERE to purchase)
butt art
  1. No Title 42 by Sukida– Her firm ass is just as firm as the ropes she’s bonded in. The photographer is a huge fan of Shibari. Shibari is a Japanese practice that uses rope and bondage artistically. In art bondage, the human body is like a blank canvas while the rope decorates the body with beautiful knots and patterns. (click HERE to purchase)
butt art
  1. Victory Booty Whooty by Rick– This piece is just as exciting as the name. Like a psychedelic trip, this painting is full of colors and patterns so vivid that it puts you in another Universe. Only a pair of legs and a plump booty with a colorful garter belt and stockings is visible as she is bent over appearing to be gardening. (click HERE to purchase)
butt art
  1. Celebration by Rick– Rick gives us another colorful masterpiece. The woman has dark skin in contrast to the vivid colors that surround her. Her red bra and thong looks striking on her. Her booty is as round as a globe. (click HERE to purchase)
butt art
  1. Cosmic by Max Solve– Two round as planets and tight booty cheeks appear in the dark laying horizontally. Colorful fluorescent lights shine on her glossy skin. The colors appear to be the same colors as the galaxy. (click HERE to purchase)
butt art

The human body is art itself. Especially butt art.

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