Is Gender Fluidity New Aged BS?

History is frequently lied about which is why I am so passionate about sexuality and art. Sexuality and art are forms of truthful human expression, in my opinion and you can find it anywhere in history. It is widely believed that gender fluidity is only a recent phenomenon. But sexuality and art from the past says otherwise. It goes way back.

9 Ways to Make Condom Sex Great Again

Let’s be honest here. Too many people are not practicing safe sex. Most people feel like sex is less pleasurable with condoms. But how many people ever stop to think “How can I make condom sex feel BETTER?” Condom sex probably lame to some people because they aren’t using them correctly and unaware of the variety condom companies made available to us.

6 Wild Pieces of Erotic Art in History

Despite the ever changing taboos and social norms, sex and erotica was and always will be a powerful force in human nature. Sex and love united countries, created scandals and so much more throughout our lifetimes. These erotic art pieces from history prove our fascination with sex was always the same. 

8 Coolest and Weirdest Sex Toys for Women

Are you tired of the same old routine? Already tried swinging from a chandelier while masturbating and now you’re looking for something different? Out of hundreds of sex toys for women we looked at, we narrowed it down to the coolest, cutest and a few weird ones. So put the vacuum cleaner hose away, we found other ways to spice up your sex toy drawer.

The Hottest Sex Roleplay Guide- Including 10 Hot Roleplaying Ideas

How to do sex roleplay. Want to play in a different reality than the one you live in now? Do you have a deep desire that is unattainable because it’s taboo? Are you ready to escape reality in the bedroom with imagination? It’s so much cheaper and less time consuming than traveling to vacation. Our imaginations just might be the best way to escape. (Could also be the worst but I digress). Here's how to do sex role-play right.

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