Abstract Nude Art – The Sexy & Captivating Internal Reality

“Life is an abstract art, and it’s up to you to make sense of it.”
― Talismanist Giebra

The Abstract Nude Art Collection

Abstract art – “Art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures….” according to the Oxford dictionary.

We find this definition amusing because abstract art may not represent “external reality” but it sure represents SOME reality to us. What is reality? Is it subjective?

Sensuality is already a form of abstract nude art.

Sex is a form of human nature that’s very expressive. To capture these moments in abstract art is beautiful.

An art abstract collection is not complete without the most intense form of art- human sexuality.

You can find these incredible abstract nude art pieces and many more styles on ArtMajeur.com.

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  1. Erotica by Glauco Meneghelli– Meneghelli captures a woman laying her toned body on her side, head resting on her palm. She looks incredibly relaxed in the filtered shadow with phallus shaped patterns. We noticed the hairs on her legs stand up indicating an electric charge. Wonder what is on her mind. 
  1. Erotica # Glauco Meneghelli– Meneghelli captures the same beautiful woman except this time she’s filtered in flower shapes. Phallus and the flower…. Is there a theme? Hmm… One thing is for sure, the subject’s presence is so graceful yet powerful.
Abstract Nude Art
  1. Erotic Dreams by Felipe Hueb– This one is my favorite abstract nude art. This stunning piece depicts a sensual erotic dream of a woman. The artist uses digital art to create a surreal-like vision. The vision is a collage of parts of her body. The colors and layers create movement in a still piece. It feels like slow movement in a dream, where moving objects leave colorful traces.
  1. Naked Woman by Наталья– This is a beautiful original oil painting. A nude woman sits in a feminine pose while holding her thick hair up. The back of a person’s neck is so sexy. It’s an erogenous zone. It’s a sensitive place to suck, kiss, nibble, bite, hold…. It’s a place of many pleasures and sensations.
Abstract Nude Art
  1. Mosaic Woman #2 by Glauco Meneghelli– Is woman the origin of life? This mosaic piece is made up of tiles that each captures a moment in life. The collection carefully placed together created a female muse. One of the most intense abstract nudes.
Abstract Nude Art

Emotion is an internal reality. Abstract nude art represents that. This style of art creates shapes, movement, colors and patterns that make “external reality” seem more alive. See what touches you in our other art collections.

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