7 Fascinating Mating Practices That Are Happening Right Now

We love to touch on the strange sexual behaviors of the past but there are some unusual mating practices that still occur today. We wouldn’t call these strange but rather very interesting. Here are a few fascinating ways people mate around the world today.

1. The Kreung Tribe. In Cambodia, the Kreung tribe builds ‘love huts’ for teenage girls who recently turned 13-15. They want their daughters to experiment with boys privately. The girls call the shots and sex before marriage is not frowned upon. Sure, pregnancy happens but the girl still ultimately chooses who gets to raise the baby and who she shares her life with. 

Rape and sexual violence is rare in these communities. Which proves how counterproductive slut shaming is.

2. Muria Tribe in Chattisgarh. There are coed dormitories called “ghotul” where they encourage young people to engage in sexual activity. They do provide education here but they provide so much more. 

This tribe celebrates love and the right to choose their own partners without fear of society. The purpose of these ghotuls is to choose a partner. They also have a strict consent rule.

3. Pon celebration, Indonesia. On the island of Java, there is a celebration on top of a mountain named Kemukus that takes place seven times a year. They celebrate to honor a local saint, Pangeran Somodro- a son of a Javanese King. 

This ceremony consist of having sex with strangers (whether you are married or not). They believe by doing this, it brings you good luck and fortune. Your chances of luck and good fortune are higher if you just so happen to have sex with the same person 7 times in a row.

4. The Wodaabe Tribe in West Africa throw a “wife stealing festival” every year. It’s called the Gerewol Festival. This is similar to a beauty pageant but for men. These men dress up and paint themselves in beautiful artwork in order to get attention from women who are already in marriages. 

Most marriages in this tribe were already arranged when the couple were children. These festivals give people (mainly women) to choose for themselves. The men are to dance and entertain as the already married women admire. If a man successfully steals a wife without getting caught, their marriage is recognized by their government.

5. In Iran, it is unlawful to have sex, date or even hold hands with someone you aren’t married to. But there is a way to have sex before choosing your life partner. Iran offers couples to pay for temporary marriages. The length of the marriages can be from a few hours to 99 years. The length of the marriages is agreed upon in private before producing a legal contract. 

Once the legal contract is up and they decide not to continue the marriage permanently, the woman has to wait two menstrual cycles before legally marrying again.

6. In rural Austria, there is a tradition where women place apple slices in their armpits. They perform a traditional dance to get them all sweaty then chooses a man to eat more than her apples. This still goes on today, they must be a believer in pheromones.

7. In the Guajiron tribe from Northern Columbia, girls are hidden away from boys until deemed mature enough. Once mature enough, the girls are taught how to take care of the households and be a wife. 

They then attend a ceremonial dance where boys dance around in a circle around the girl. The girl chooses the boy she wants by tripping him. Yes. By making him fall.

If they agree to marry, the boy’s family pays the girl’s  family in goats. If she cheats, he gets the goats back. If HE cheats, the family has to provide her family more goats.

Take comfort in knowing that you don’t have to let society tell you how to mate and choose your partners. A single universal way does not exist. Choose love your way.


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