5 Erotic Art Pieces in the Rain

Rain, rain, please don’t go away. Some of us love to feel your wetness against our skin. Just like sex, the element of your water gives us life. We love the rainbows you give us after a storm. Meanwhile, let’s make erotic art in the rain.

Click on each photo to see more from the artist.

  1. Waiting for Rain by Stephen Perry– The subject spreads her toned body across a bed placed outdoors. She opens herself up to the sky. Her nudeness makes her vulnerable to mother nature. She prepares herself for the rain to take her as the dark gray clouds form.
  1. Portland in the Rain by Perry Gallagher– What’s beautiful about this photo is how the subject doesn’t let the public setting, the rain and her nudity distract her from staring deep into the lens of the camera. Her eye contact makes her surroundings irrelevant. It’s powerful and courageous. 
  1. Replicant Chef by Stephen Perry– This beautiful blonde with black latex thigh highs on her long legs stands with her heels on in a teal colored kitchen wearing a clear raincoat that shows her nude body. Her pale skin against the teal shows a beautiful contrast. Just as beautiful as her bare bottom she exposes as she turns her back to the camera.
  1. Rainy Days 1 by Nai Sirrom– A nude woman completes the pastel colored theme of this photo with her creamy white skin, soft body and beautiful red/orange hair. She stands in front of an abandoned building looking curiously to the side while her clear umbrella hangs on her other side. She is nude with no shoes on but still looks like she belongs there.
  1. Raindrops by Geroart– This black and white photo shows a sensual woman on her back covered in rain drops. The background of the photo is black and highlights her glistening wet skin. Her body is toned and her nipples are erect.

These erotic art pieces captures the sexiness and coziness of the rain. Can you make the nest of the rain?

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