Is Waiting To Have Sex Until Marriage Pointless?? 6 Reasons Why It May Be Silly

If you’re on this blog, chances are, you’re just as kinky as us. So you might be familiar with the shame from society being kinky comes with. One way sexual people are shamed is the notion that waiting until marriage is an honarable decision. But is waiting to have sex until marraige a decision influenced by others or a personal decision?

Having sex too soon might also be a bad idea. There are benefits of waiting to have sex such as:

  1. Better sexual health. It’s well known that sex can make or break your health. Holding out keeps you sexually healthy and lowers risk of unwanted pregnancy. Unsafe sex is dangerous and could change the entire course of your life. Some STDs are incurable, cause infertility, mental distress and more.
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  1. Better mental health. Although there are mental health benefits to sex and pornography, there’s also mental health benefits of holding out. Waiting to have sex avoids the anxiety, guilt and regrets that comes with sex. Sex can ruin relationships and friendships, you can get attached to the wrong people, you may develop trust issues and your self worth can be altered.
  1. You get to know a person better. Sex can give us blind spots and we can miss red flags in a person. Especially if it’s incredible sex. Holding out can help you choose your partners carefully and allows you to get to know them without sex colored lenses. 

Let me guess- you’re a horny subscriber and don’t want to hear that shit right? As someone here to serve your sexual needs, it is my duty to be completely transparent with you. Luckily, there are things you DO want to hear. There are actually DISADVANTAGES of waiting until marriage.

This is not to pressure you into having sex. You can be a horny virgin and who has virutal sex

Here are some reasons why waiting until marriage is pointless:

  1. Sexual compatibility. It is important to determine if you’re compatible in multiple ways before you dive in and spend the rest of your life with this person. Sexual compatibility is one of them. No matter what the slut shamers say, the bottom line is sex is natural and part of life. You and your partner’s needs should be synched. Choose what you want to get stuck with.
  1. Establishing sexual identity. Not exploring your sexual side might keep your blind to your own sexual identity. Some people are conditioned that sex is something to be ashamed of, they might completely suppress their sexual side until their marraige. Because of this, some people may not realize that they are not heterosexual until they have sex. 
  1. Regret. You may regret waiting for sex until after marraige. A frustrating sex life can consume your life, making you blind towards the good things about your person and can affect other areas of your life such as work performance. Can also lead to cheating.
  1. Sexual Experience. When choosing a LIFE partner, you may want to choose someone who knows how to do adult things. Marriage is already full of learning and failing. Sexual problems would be just another added to the list. Getting sexual experience out the way may let you relax and focus on other things in the marriage. 
  1. Stress. Premarital sex eases stress which can help avoid arguments. Premarital sex helps you connect with your partner better. Better connection leads to better communication which can also avoid arguments. Couples who have sex have a higher happiness rate.
  1. Avoiding sex due to religious beliefs can give you a complex. When you’re conditioned to be ashamed of something natural, it causes problems that are beyond relationship problems. Self shame is not accepting your true self fully. Being at war with your own self can make your entire life miserable. 

We laid out the pros and cons of waiting untl marriage for sex because the bottom line is, it is ultimately up to you. Sexuality has been a huge part of humanity since day one so there is nothing to be ashamed of no matter what you choose. 

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