Pain or Pleasure? 5 Erotic Art Pieces Expressed in BDSM

In this house (The Disorderly House), BDSM gives us a high like no other. The rush of endorphins the sensations give us blurs the lines between pain and pleasure making everything become ONE. BDSM to us is passionate, thrilling and medicine for our psyche. Here are 5 erotic art pieces that center around BDSM.

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  1. Natalie by Craig Morey– It looks like it would hurt but her face is at ease. She’s probably at peace with the cords wrapped tightly around each breast. Her arms are tied with the same cords behind her back so she cannot resist the positions her master puts her in. She is blindfolded because it’s the feeling that matters. She’s at peace.
  1. Submission #12 by Wolk– She is chained to the bed but she’s not on the bed. She’s on the hard cold wooden floor. Her head hangs low while she’s on her knees, at the mercy of her master. It appears that she lost her control and submits fully to Master.
  1. Equilibrium by Naked P’nk– Her perfectly pear shaped bottom has goosebumps as if she is cold. The hot wax pouring down her curvy bottom can also explain how she feels. Her body balances a pile of candles still lit but seem to be melting together. Here, the hot, cold, fire, goosebumps, wax and skin appear to become one.
  1. See No Evil by SB Lukacs– In this painting, her fair skin and jet black hair makes her red hot lip color pop. Her fair skinned body shows emotion with hints of redness. I wonder what she is anticipating while she is blindfolded with lace cloth.
  1. Golem by Perry Gallagher– A Golem is neither a human or animal. It just is. This subject doesn’t appear to be man or woman. They’re just a being. The subject is a bald woman restrained by thick silver chains. Her adrogynous look is neither ugly or beautiful.

We love BSDM because it’s so PROVOCATIVE. BDSM is art and sex, pain and pleasure, dark and light- full of duality. I hope you enjoyed these pieces on Art Provocateur. Explore the website and give yourself the gift of thrill.

Erotic Art

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5 Erotic Art Pieces in the Rain

Rain, rain, please don’t go away. Some of us love to feel your wetness against our skin. Just like sex, the element of your water gives us life. We love the rainbows you give us after a storm. Meanwhile, let’s make erotic art in the rain.

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