5 Disorderly Webcam Hotties- Week 1

5 Disorderly Webcam Hotties will be posted each week starting now. These are 5 of our favorite webcams that we genuinely watch and enjoy, why not share the wealth? If you’re looking for something exciting and new, keep coming back each week. Here are our 5 favorites for week 1 and the reasons why we are crazy about them. Click on their names to view their live web cam.

  1. Cute and Desperate– These girls are my personal favorites. My mind is blown each time I visit their web cam. They are the freaking cutest sluts I have ever seen in my life. They cover their petite and toned bodies in slutty yet classy “fuck me” outfits while they seem to geniunely have a great time. They seem to have no limits with each other when they are playing with each other’s beautiful holes. They are a must watch in my eyes.
  1. Nadia Leexxx– You know how you salivate while a warm piece of buttery and rich caramel candy is melting in your closed mouth? That’s what it’s like watching Nadia Leexxx. This sultry faced cutie has bedroom eyes that reminds me of Marilyn Monroe and a full set of beautiful full lips you’d want to kiss. Tell us what you think about her OTHER set of lips.
  1. Florida_Milf– I would be a step parent to any milf who looks like this. Sign me up. This tall slender glamor model with natural breasts is a QUEEN of dirty talk. She sure has a way with words. Even though she can give you an eye orgasm with her looks, I can close my eyes and just listen to her and get the very same excitement. I love hearing her dirty talk and squeal while doing something naughty in front of her webcam. 
  1. Edna_Ross– For some reason, EVERYTHING a latina/latino does is like porn to me. I can watch a latina pour herself a glass of water on a webcam and it would arouse me. Edna_Ross has a body that makes my own body crave having a wild tropical love affair somewhere. I love it when she greets and talks to me in Spanish, I melt every time. I never understand her. She could be saying something horrifying and I wouldn’t even care. 
  1. Hollyextra– Holly doesn’t even look real. If I didn’t see her on video, only via photo, I would guess it was a heavily edited IG photo. She is BEAUTIFUL. She has an insane body to match that she is not shy about. Her skin is so smooth and butter, it reminds me of a silicone sex doll. She doesn’t rely on her looks to put on a show. She’s very sensual and mesmerizing. 

Well there you have it! The Disorderly Hotties of the first week. I was getting HOT remembering how these web cameras made me feel. Watch them because it can be good for you.

5 Erotic Art Pieces in the Rain

Rain, rain, please don’t go away. Some of us love to feel your wetness against our skin. Just like sex, the element of your water gives us life. We love the rainbows you give us after a storm. Meanwhile, let’s make erotic art in the rain.

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