Benefits of Pornography.. It’s Actually Good for You-5 Crucial and Shocking Reasons Why

There’s great benefits of pornography. YES…. There are DISADVANTAGES of watching porn that one should be aware of. But porn is just like everything else. It has both disadvantages and ADVANTAGES. You will find many studies on why porn is bad for you- some might be a bit too extreme. There’s even talk that porn addiction is not even a real thing. But some of the bad talk about porn is deserving.

The very real negative impacts of pornography includes shorter attention spans and memory, negative attitude towards sex, low self esteem and more. You know what else causes that? Social media. And both are here to stay.

So why not look into the BENEFITS of pornography? Why not make it work FOR US instead of against us?

Here are the ways you can make porn work FOR YOU:

  1. It relieves stress, duh! Stress is very insidious and that’s universally known. Stress releases cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that affects your body both mentally and physically in negative ways. It increases your blood pressure, wrecks your digestive system, causes brain fog and more. Let’s just say porn may actually save your life.
  1. You get to learn who you are. Porn helps you find out what you like, what triggers you and what turns you on. You may never know what you like sexually if you never been exposed to it. Porn exposes a lot to you. Maybe there’s a porn video out there that validates a part of you that you were once ashamed of or questioned- such as a specific kink or your sexuality. Porn is good for self love and acceptance.
  1. It saves your relationship. Porn can save your relationship in numerous ways. While we agree that sexual compatibility in a relationship is important, if you’re into something your partner isn’t into, you can get it from porn! For example, if clowns turn you on and your partner doesn’t want to dress like one, turn on some clown porn before getting it on with them. Another way porn saves your relationship is when you watch and explore new ideas together.
  1. It can be educational. While porn can be very unrealistic, you can still learn from it. Masturbating to porn helps you explore yourself and teaches you how you like to get off. This helps you communicate this in the bedroom. Porn also teaches you how to dirty talk, mix up the positions, foreplay ideas, role play ideas, YES porn can teach you a few moves and more. More than anything, it teaches you to have fun.
  1. Porn makes the world a better place. There are very real dangers of sexual repression. It can lead to the emergence of anger and hostility. Sexual repression can also lead to physical ailments such as, pain during sex, trouble sleeping, mental distress and more. Attempting to SURPRESS sexual thoughts only INCREASES sexual thoughts which can lead to troubled behavior. So get it out the way!

Just like most things, porn CAN BE USEFUL in your life. There’s benefits of pornography. Porn can help you ENJOY LIFE. Don’t let people scare you into thinking you’re defective for wanting and liking porn if it’s not ruining your life. Sexual shaming can be dangerous and can effect you mentally in a negative way.

Life is all about balance of course. You can abuse it just like you can abuse anything. Even water can be abused. Use responsibly and have some fun!

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